Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anonymous said...

Your answer to a question about Jesus Christ alarmed me. You said that Jesus died and untimely death and was stuck in Limbo. Considering what Jesus went through, that does not seem to be a fair reward at the time of his death? What is that all about? Does that mean that someone that dies in a war, or is run over by a bus gets sent to Limbo, possibly for eternity? And , someone who has commited evil acts that dies of natural causes is rewarded with Heaven? I know that those are multiple questions but they all relate to a central theme of fairness. Good men and women die of untimely deaths every day. They sacrifice their lives so others may live free. Why should they be sent to Limbo?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Thank you for your question. I understand and appreciate your struggle to align with what seems fair and what seems unfair. I would ask you to not judge. I am really the only one who knows when a death is timely or not; me and the being whose body ceases to live.

I have an agreement in place with every being. I ask you to consider that what might seem to be an unfair or untimely death might be exactly as designed. I also ask you to consider that once a soul lives, it never dies but rather the body in which the soul resides, dies. Regarding release from Limbo, there are those among you on earth that have the ability to instantly get a soul from Linbo to Heaven. You can do it too with prayer or meditation or a simple plea to your angels. Regardless of what you may have been taught or read, every single being is allowed entry into Heaven. I am the creator of all life, and I love each and every being equally. I am not Human and do not possess Human emotions. I will not bar any being or creation of mine from Heaven. Heaven is home and I am the father / mother who welcomes all of my creations home with open arms."

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