Sunday, November 22, 2009

vishal said...

hii god..
i am a guy frm india.i am 20 yrs.see the thing is i ont know what my problem is.i had many girls in my life till 12th.but after i came 2 bangalore for my engineering.its been 1 yr i dont hv neone in my life.i am good lukin,pretty rich and a nice guy bur nothings working out here.i have lost all my confidence i had.i know it matters less.there are other important things but sometymz i feel very lonely.guyz less than me are all happy nd with all girlfriend.i dont know my problem god...will i get a nice girl in these 3 yrs left.

Answer from God through Carley:

"In order to have what you seek in a relationship, you must first become what you seek. Transform yourself into the kind of person your ideal partner would want. Until you are happy being by yourself, you cannot be truly happy in a relationship. True happiness comes from within. No other person or thing for that matter, can can make you happy. So you see, whether or not you get a nice girl is entirely up to you. It has always been up to you."

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