Sunday, December 20, 2009

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

Why do things get worse with my husband and me... Why it is not stable? Will we be together till we die? We are not comfortable or friendly with each other. In sex also we have some great issues. The problem is not solved yet. Sometimes I can not handle situations. Life is driving me nuts. Should I live with him patiently. Is he the one for me. I am confused, desperate and frustrated in life.Please tell what should I do, God.

Love - Your daughter.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Why would you want to be with someone with whom you are neither friendly nor comfortable? My desire is for every one of you to live a full and fulfilling life. Full with love and joy, friendship and laughter doing as many of the things you truly love to do as you possibly can. Along the path of your life I want for your life to be a shining example of a life well lived. Some relationships can last a lifetime and far beyond. Some cannot. I will not tell you what you should do. Only you can decide how you will spend the time you have here."

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