Saturday, December 26, 2009

Anonymous said...

Dear God,This past year has been very hard on my family. My stepdaughter has who has substance abuse and mental health issues lost her goverment funding and her subsidized housing. Because of her problems she cannot care for her 21/2 year old son so we have had he living with us for most of the year.Her Mother is in the process of filing 3rd party custody papers for him.Since no one wanted to see her on the streets we made arrangments for her to stay at a friends cabin for a short period of time. While there she is supposed to make appointments to see about getting some help for her mental health and housing. She refuses to.Because she has violent outbursts and tends to break things and punch holes in walls and doors my husband has been living there to make sure that she doesn't hurt herself or anything else. I'm home taking care of our grandson. It's been 2 months now and nothing has changed. She need to have intensive therapy in a hospital for her problems but she is the only one who can get that for her. The way the law reads the only way she can be committed is to harm herself or someone else.She suffers from paranoia and thinks everyone is out to get her. Please God what more can we do. I have been praying for help and guidance for so long now I'm beginning to lose hope.All this has not only put a stain on our pocketbook for the extra food and rent we have to pay but it has put a strain on my relationship with my husband.Please God help us to make choices and get through this.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Please try to gain comfort from the fact that all that you experience in this life is part of your agreement with me. Your stepdaughter agreed to experience what she's experiencing. You and your husband agreed to your parts in this experience as well as your grandson and everyone else involved. The thing about these agreed to experiences is that while you are going to experience these things - how you react, respond and move forward is completely up to you. Find support for your situation. Find others who have walked the path you walk, and learn how they handled their situations. Ask what they would do differently if they had a chance to go back and change things. Change what you can change, but remember that you can only control your own free will. Trying to influence the free will of your stepdaughter is wasted energy. Even the law says that only she can do that for her. Try to love her while letting go. Often people need to let things get as bad as they can get before they see how things really are. You have much love to give your grandson and much good can be done there. Most importantly, know that you are not alone. I answer every prayer, but I have given free will to all beings and I will not take that away from anyone."

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