Sunday, December 27, 2009

Anonymous said...

my Goddaughter was adopted from China by some friends of ours that we have know for 15 years. We have know Lacey for 7 of her 8 years of life. Long story short, her parents were arrested for Rape of a Child in May and Lacey is now in custody of CPS. Since we are not biologically related to her or family in any way they won't let us see her. We are also the closest thing to family her parents and her have here. Her dad called us from jail to let us know what happened and to ask us to take care of their pets and move his car which we agreed to do. We were slightly in shock and very confused as to what was happening at the time. We also figured their families would come forward to help with their belongings and were were mistaken. Everything has been dumped on us. We had to find homes for their cats and get some personal stuff out of their mobile home before it got sold off. We have also been fighting to see Lacey. We have been judged by CPS because of talking to her parents. We have had to get an attorney and submit a pettition for custody. CPS dismissed the family she has and us and are figting to have her adopted.
Lacey has grown up with our children and has been special to us and we will not give up. We feel she has the right to know she has people who love her and not everyone in her past was wrong to her. The theripist she goes to everyweek said the fact that we had contact with her parents freaks her out. We don't support what they did what so ever, but we don't possess a switch that turns off friendship automatically, we had to terminate our relationship our own way. My question is, are we doing the right thing by not giving up on Lacey?

Answer from God through Carley:

"It is always the right thing to do when you love someone, to make that love known and to fight for whom you love if fighting is what's called for. It takes great courage to go against the popular flow, but you have asked for my help and I have and will continue to give it. Try to imagine the outcome you seek and leave how it will happen, to me."

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