Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord what a year!!!
It started pretty good... my mom from out of town came and visited with us..thank you... we had the opportunity to go to hawaii for our 10th year anniversary, had a wonderful time, thank you. Suddenly, i accidently killed my dog in a tragic accident, we had him for 10 yrs... I think he has forgiven me, for giving him the best life, thank you. My 2 yr old son had his 2nd surgery, great success, Thank you Lord. We made an offer on a new home, unfortunately we had to back out of it, it was our dream home, our appraisal was a low ball appraisal..., maybe it wasn't meant to be. Now its me...i have a feeling that there is something with my throat. Possibly thyroid problem or else... feverish every day, trouble with my balance...I am very afraid of going to the doctor... because of the diagnosis... What a year!!!... Am i going to be ok?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I'd like to discuss fear. Simply because you fear something, it does not go away. Based upon what you have already faced in the year you mention, you already know how to be fearless. Being fearless does not mean that you have no fear, but rather that you give your fear to me and act or move as though you have no fear. I am with you at all times. When you ask me for help in anything that is based in love, you will always have it. I will not promise you that you will not suffer, or that you will not be ill or that your body will not die, but I promise that you will never be alone any time you seek me. Whenever you face something that feels too big for you to handle alone, ask for my help and give your fear to me. Face your fear by taking action and know that I am right here beside you."

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