Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Anonymous said...

My son is destroying himself. He is popping pain medication like it’s candy. He has done other drugs, and smokes heavily. He is angry, confrontational and explosive all the time. He refuses to get professional help and will not hear anything we have to say. The choices he makes are not serving him well and the people he chooses to be around are making matters even worse. I hate what he has done and is still doing to our family, but at the same time I love him and want what’s best for him.

I have been praying and asking you to help my son for the past 10 years, to bring positive mentors into his life and remove the ones that are destroying him, to create positive situations and diversions so that he will take a step toward change, and you have not responded. You have either not heard me or have chosen to ignore all my requests and prayers. Ask and you shall receive apparently is not for all but the chosen few.

Answer from God through Carley:

"I have heard your every prayer and each one has been answered. Your son has not listen to you, nor is he seeing the answers to your prayers as something he desires. I would ask you to consider the gift of free will. He has his and you have yours. Every being has the same gift. Each person has complete control over his or her own free will. You cannot control the free will of another, and when it seems like you can, that control is never permanent. How you react to the situations you encounter is completely up to you and the use of your free will. You can choose to allow your son's behavior to harm your family or you can choose to love your son, while protecting your family from the harm caused his choices.

You cannot change the past, however you can change how you act and react in the present moment and in the future. I understand your anger, but if you will abandon the hope that things in the past had been different, you can move forward better able to see the choices that lay ahead of you. I will continue to be right here each time you need me."

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Anonymous said...

Why did you create Mankind ? I ask this because I don't understand why such a destructive small minded species has been able to carry on with hurting and killing one another for so long. Everything man creates is to destroy. Not just war. But, even its Technology destroy's their minds and social structure. Take away Electricity, Internet, Cell Phones, and Television from mankind now a days and they would not know how to survive. I've even seen people get suicidal over not having internet connection. I have seen people go through texting withdraw. Technology has become mankind's downfall. They rely too much on it and can not seem to function when with out it. It is no wonder why they are called sheep. Cause sheep are suppose to be the dumbest animal on the planet. Mankind takes the cake. If all of mankind was able to ban together without trying to be leader and dominate each other and fight over stupid things that don't mean anything. Then I think mankind could seriously advance beyond comprehension and there could be peace amongst them as long as no one starts to have that power trip and have that kind of ego. Mankind would probably be able to cure all the diseases on this planet. No one would starve. Mankind would also be able to explore further out into the universe. That is why I ask the question that I am asking because mankind will never change and their destruction is of their own doing. Mankind has destroyed this planet called Earth. Never have I seen such evil when I see all the horror that mankind does in the name God in the past and present. So why did you even create them in the first place ?