Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jeremy m said...

Hello my name I jeremy I am a born again chirstian and god is always on my mind I have a few question bit for of like to thank him though this . Father god I thank you for all that you do have done and will do. I'm trying to see you deeper and find what I should think more of . Will the world end soon and of so should I go out and give my life to you ? Should I feel as if I'm already accepted by knowing that Jesus christ is my lord and savior ?

Answer from God through Carley:

"The world will change and is changing. Ending is not the best word for the change that is present. I ask of you and of every being to love and by loving fully, you will not judge. When you open your heart to love each being and acknowledge that every single being is as much a part of me as you are, you encompass your entire family including me. That is what I ask of you. Every being is welcomed home into Heaven. When you study, filter what you are taught through your heart. Absorb what feels to be what you know of me and set aside what feels as though it is not me."

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