Tuesday, December 22, 2009

mapel said...

Dear god,

I was wondering if the girl I'm taking to the movies is interested in me because I've been going through a tough time and would really like to know if this could be something.

Answer from God through Carley:

"The girl is not at the heart of your question. Your real question deals more with the tough time you'd been going through and your need for something or someone that can make you feel better.

In every life there is suffering. How you handle the suffering you go through makes the difference between a life well lived and just a life lived. When you reach for something or someone to make you feel better, you're not allowing yourself to feel what you're experiencing. Covering something over doesn't mean that it isn't there. Allow yourself to feel what you're feeling when you're feeling it, ask for my help getting through it, and then move on with lessons learned including empathy for how others suffer."

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