Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Anonymous said...

I have one more week until my scheduled c-section. Can you please, please, please let me just go into labor now. I am tierd of being pregnant (this time around is really taking it's toll on me, my body, the other two times, I was able to hack it out till d-day).

I know that if I do into labor now the baby's chances or survival are great since the delivery is within two weeks of the original sonogram's due date.

My husband told me to meditate and truly feel that going into labor now IS going to happen and not just WANT it to happen. Well I have been meditated and telling myself that I am going to go into labor early "I WILL BE GIVING BIRTH TODAY" or words along those line, but nothing.

So, I know your busy and so is Brian so by the time he gets this to you it will be late, but I know that by me writing it and saying it and meditating it you have already heard me, so... Can you give this labor process a nudge so that I can go into labor before next week. I really do not want to have to wait one more week of sleepless night due to discomfort (can't sleep on either side, belly is too big) and pain (back, leg crams, etc).

I have everything ready for my baby's arrival into the outside world, and I strongly believe that everyone is ready in every which way for the delivery of this beautiful gift of life you have given us.

Thanks for listening.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Thinking back, even though it felt unbearable at the time it wasn't, was it? What did you learn from your experience? Do you know that even though delivering a child into the world is a painful experience for all women and for some much worse than for others, it's the love for the new life that causes that pain to be all but forgotten nearly immediately. And don't worry. Every lesson that remains unlearned will be repeated until the agreement we have is fulfilled. And as to whether or not you were heard by me, you were. I answer every single question, but I will not interfere with free will nor will I interfere with an agreement being fulfilled - which is often times the same thing."

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