Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Anonymous said...

My Lord,

Im very sad and depressed that i have treated the girl i truely do love,wrong and unfairly.We were on and off for 2yrs,and we went through a lot together.I really do feel like she is the one for me,but she may feel otherwise.I do understand we both have a lot to grow and learn upon through life,but My Lord, can you bring us back together,or are we not meant to be? Please see it in your heart that we can have a reconciliation of some sort,or at least if we get back together,it will be as perfect as before.Thank you My Lord.

Answer from God through Carley:

"The past cannot go away nor can it be changed. You cannot take things back or behave differently in the past, however you can change how you act and react right now and in the future. Because I will not interfere with free will, I will not bring her back to you. If anyone is to come back to anyone that has to be his or her choice. You can choose to learn from your mistakes, making different mistakes in the future, or you can choose to make no corrections and to continue making the same decisions. You see, it has always been up to you. I am right here every time you seek me."

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