Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Anonymous said...

You have stated in a response to a question that You are our true joy. That would seem to indicate that there are false joys. Would an example of a true joy be the enjoyment of watching a sunset. Then a false joy might be the enjoyment of smoking a pipe or cigar or over indulging in fatty foods. These are false joys because they effect our health. What about other false joys such as masturbation, that may actually be beneficial to our physical health but spiritually unhealthy. So my question is: Are we going to be kept out of heaven for continueing to partake in these false joys? Is our soul going to be destroyed because we cannot break our habits that we enjoy before we pass? I don't think it would be possible for anyone to be able to completely avoid having a false joy.

Answer from God through Carley:

"A true joy can be defined as something that gives you a deep feeling of joy without cost. Enjoying a sunset is a great example, so could be singing or running or playing with your children, playing an instrument, cooking, painting.. you get the idea. What brings true joy is different for everyone. Cost can be defined as money or detriment. Smoking might give the smoker a form of pleasure, but at a detriment to their health and to the health of every other being near them.

No one is kept out of heaven. There is nothing that you can do here that will keep you from me. Everything that you experience in this life is experienced because you agreed to the experiences. The agreements were made in order for each being to advance along his or her spiritual path in knowing how it feels to have these experiences. What is entirely up to you is whether or not you learn from your experiences and how you react to them. Please remember that each being has the gift of free will. Spending time in what gives you true joy helps keep the ego in check, helps you feel grateful and ultimately happy. I want each of you to lead a joy filled life."

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