Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anonymous said...

Dear God,
I have seen this guy i like at university although we have hardly spoken and he does not show much interest...i think. I am confused does he like me? how can i make him like me? should i talk to him openly even though we do not have much of a friendship?
please God show me if this is your will, should i try and get this guy. He is everything i want in a man i just do not feel i can get him. Please is this your plan, how do i find confidence in this?

Answer from God through Carley:

"First, you cannot "get" anyone in your life. You can present yourself - who you are what you stand for, what your likes and dislikes are and if they align with what the other person aligns with you have that in common and can choose to build a relationship. To be anyone other than who you truly are honors no one. You are a beloved child of mine and being meek and less than you truly are in this very moment may be your choice for you, but never my choice for you. Act in love in all you do, search your heart for your answers and have courage because when you act out of love you will have all the support of heaven."

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