Sunday, January 10, 2010

Anonymous said...

If you are the Alpha & Omega,the beginning & the end, the One that controls time, then why let those be born that you know are going to hell? A human can't tell the future, but you already know where that human will end up. If you really loved that human, then you would have given that human enough information to have chosen you.If you make it a FACT that you exists, then I'm sure every single soul on the planet would worship you. Instead . . . you make humans have to have faith as opposed to simply making it a fact that you exist. As you know, there are thousands of beliefs known to humans. How do we know which belief will lead to eternal life or what ever the carrot? We don't. We just pick one and have faith. And so you've let us get so confused about what's best for our souls and selves, we sometimes shoose wrong. Moreover, free will does not seem like free will. It seems more like extortion. Love me or burn in hell. Give me your money or I'll shoot you. Sounds about the same to me. So excuse me if I seem to lack a little faith. In my book . . .faith has to be earned, not taken for granted. So . . . Dear Lord . . . why haven't you made yourself a "fact" to me, when you know it's what will save my soul?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I have not made myself a fact for you, because I want you to choose. You are not required to believe in me. If you choose not to believe I exist, that's okay with me. After your body dies, regardless of what you choose to believe, your soul will return to Heaven. The soul of every being returns to Heaven after life on Earth. If you believe that there is a hell, that is your choice, as is free will feeling like extortion. But what if you saw free will as something beautiful and empowering? What if you choose to act out of love instead of out of anger? What if you choose to look for beauty? What if when you ask me for help, you trust that it will come, and choose to recognize the help when it comes to you? The choices are all yours. Regardless of what you choose, I will continue to love you deeply and be just a thought away if ever you should call on me."

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