Monday, January 18, 2010

Anonymous said...

will krishna marry me?

Answer from God through Carley:

"There is no secret to getting what you want in life, however it does require faith. Picture what you want - or who you want. Try to leave the face off the person if it's a person that you seek. Instead imagine all the qualities you find desirable, all the characteristics, the things this person likes to do and their temperament. Once you have a full picture of the person you seek, minus the facial features - give it to me. Have faith that I will bring you together with this person. I will not make the person physically appear in front of you, as you know I will not interfere with free will. I will help circumstances be favorable for you to meet if you do things that bring you true joy. You must get out there and you must pay attention. Perfect won't stand in a room and tell you they are your perfect partner sent to you by God, however if you pay close attention, when you meet you will have a sense of knowing that this is so. Regarding your question, if Krishna is perfect for you right now, the answer will be yes. If Krishna is not perfect for you right now, the answer will be no. Try hard to not get attached to a particular face of any single person but rather in finding the perfect one. Have faith. The perfect person for you right now is there and I will help you if you ask me to. If you find anything less that perfect for you right now, you found that person without my help."

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