Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anonymous said...

There are many people that have had near death experiences (NDE)that claim they went to Hell. Now I know that you have said on many occasions on this blog that there is no Hell. I do not question that at all. Can you elaborate on what these souls are experiencing. Maybe this is part of the cleansing process they must go through before they find redemption. When you reach the midpoint of your life, you are carrying a lot of baggage. What can we do to unburden ourselves as we finish out our lives and prepare ourselves for redemption?

Answer from God through Carley

"If Heaven can be described as a place filled with light, hell could then be described as a place void of light. Do you know A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens? In that work, could you consider the dreams to be near death experiences? Could you describe one of the Christmas' as hell and another as Heaven?

I communicate with every being all the time. Some beings recognize the communication as coming from me easily, while some do not. I also work hard to assure that every being has every possible chance to complete our agreement in a single lifetime. I am not always successful. When I am able to communicate easily, it is with beings that are living lives filled with joy and gratitude. I have the most difficulty communicating with beings who view their lives from a different perspective. With those most easy to communicate I have a very subtle, soft tone. With those that are difficult to get their attention, I take a much more vivid tack.

Baggage can be obtained at any point in life. Letting go of it is really very easy; it's called forgiveness. To forgive does not mean believing that whatever transpired is acceptable. To forgive means that you can accept what transpired exactly as it transpired without embellishment or detraction, and you ask me to take away any feelings of pain associated with the event. It might help to know that everything that happens does so based upon an agreement. How one chooses to react to an event is entirely up to the use of an individual's free will.

The best way to unburden oneself is to love freely, to forgive the past and to choose to move forward in this second and in the future without judgment, accepting that you cannot know all there is. As for redemption, it happens naturally after life in a body on Earth ends. As a soul returns to me, everything that is not Truth falls away."

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