Tuesday, January 19, 2010

berlinda said...

i was with his guy for 4 and a half month..i love him soo deeply that i will do anything to keep him.he has left me for another girl and i fell he is in the wrong place and i want him back in my life.he left me in the most painful way, he has been very wicked to me latetly,i feel someone else is using him because he doesnt feel like the guy i used to know..deep down my heart, i know i am the right one for him and he still loves me even though he told me he doesnt.i have prayed to God to continue to help and guide him.after all he has done to me, really dont know why but i am still crazy about him and i really want him back in my life.what can i do to have him back and will he ever be mine again?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I would like you to imagine that you are listening to you own daughter whom you love deeply and want so much for her to find endless sources of true joy in her life. In your conversation with her, your daughter says what you have written in your question. How will you feel as a parent? How would you coach your daughter in the most loving way? You might start out by saying that you are sorry for the pain she is feeling. You might also ask her how she could feel deep love for someone who would treat her wickedly. You might ask her about her list of what she is seeking in a love relationship and ask how many of those things did this guy possess. You might console her by telling her that the perfect guy is out there looking for her and that if she wastes any time in the wrong relationship, the right relationship simply cannot find her. In the right relationship the guy would never leave her for another girl because he would know on a deep level that she was the perfect one for him and his search for true love was complete when he found her. You might stroke her hair as you held her in your arms and tell her again that she will always find what she seeks, so aiming low honors no one. Instead, aim high and be sure to live up to your end of the bargain and don't forget to ask God for help."

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