Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jenn said...

Honestly god something that has been on my mind is why is it that my life is so wonderful and I always have every penny I need and I eat so well and I never really had to suffer to much..of course everyone does but it's almost as if I'm blessed with your mercy and love....why is it that I have such a blessed life while someone across the world my age made up of the same ( heart, eyes, soul) can suffer so badly and their life is so hard and painful. I don't understand why my life is so easy while others are in so much pain. I thank you everyday god for my blessing but I cant seem to get over how angry and sad I am for the ones who have nothing. Please help me god to understand this.
Thank You
Love Always

Answer from God through Carley:

"This is your turn to have a blessed life. You have suffered in other lives just as others are suffering now. Each being has an agreement that defines what they will experience in life. The experiences are there so that first-hand knowledge of every circumstance will be obtained. This knowledge will move the being along on his or her spiritual path toward enlightenment. You cannot control what happens to you in this life once you are in it, however each of you has the gift of free will. How you react to your circumstances is always entirely up to you."

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