Tuesday, February 16, 2010

adam said...

God. How is it that there is evil in the world? It makes no logical sense. You created the universe and everything within it. You also claim to be all good. A pure object cannot be tainted without another factor to pollute it. Thefore it stands to reason that anything created by you is only as good as you claim to be. This is clearly not the case for evil exists in the world today. Often the evil serves no end to a means (as you may claim it does)and is brought about only to cause suffering. Either you lie about your role in the creation of the universe or about your pure goodness. Either way why would an all knowing and all powerful being feel the need to create a world in which the majority suffer day by day regardless of their beliefs and morals?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I wonder if you would accept what I want most from you; a relationship.  A relationship with me works much the way a relationship works between people.  You find something interesting to you about the other person and want to spend time with them.  In the time you spend together you might come to understand that what others have said about that person are not what you have come to know about them.  You might see things in the other person that you did not believe were there before you began your relationship with them.  To have a relationship with me, you need to learn to be still and to quiet your mind.  Invite me in.  Ask me your questions and listen for the answers.  I send answers in many different ways.  Be patient and pay very close attention to the little, subtle things that come to you.

Try to understand the true nature of free will.  I gave every being the gift of free will. I also have an agreement in place with every being.  In each agreement are specific things that will be experienced in life. The way one uses their free will is entirely up to the individual.  Just as you get to pick and choose your actions and reactions, so does every other being.  A being can choose to trust, to act out of love and compassion, or to cause pain to another, as well as every other possible action between those examples. An agreement is in place so that eventually the being reaches total understanding.

How differently would you react to evil in the world, if you were to think that once that was you or happened to you, or that someday that will be you or that it will happen to you?"

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