Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Anonymous said...

hey God, i remember asking you about the girl i will fall in love with. and i remember you telling me to write it down. and seein how i use a computer more than a pen and paper and that i believe this is, in a way, a direct line to you. So ive been thinkin, i want a woman who is as much of a dork as i am and damn proud of it! someone who understands my sense of humor, and one who is difficult to offend. A free spirit who is as open-minded about life, humanity, the world, the universe, Everything! A dancer preferably, someone who loves music, loves to play and sing. someone who can act like a kid but still be an adult when needed. Soft green/blue eyes, a dancer body, a little shorter than average height. someone who loves movies as much as i do. someone who likes to go out and socialize, maybe party a little. but who loves to just sit and chill, watch a movie, eat some popcorn. someone who loves the world and the people in it, but if you cross her all hell will break loose to defend those in need. someone playful, loveable, loves kids, music, movies, food, dancing, socializing, and chilling at home. so tell me, is this girl waiting for me somewhere in california, or am i being too specific. lemme know.
-thank you Lord,


Answer from God through Carley:

"The perfect girl is out there for you, but first please tell me if you are you the perfect person for her yet?  Is there anything about you that would not be on her list?  If there are changes to be made, make them and then go about your life spending time doing things that give you true joy among others who also derive joy from the same things. Pay attention to the little things that come your way as it is through coincidence that I talk to you."

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