Monday, February 8, 2010

Anonymous said...

Why can't I find a job? You know our situation and that I pray & fast often. I thank you for all I have, but please don't let unemployment take all that away. What should I do?

Answer from God through Carley:

"When things change it's extremely important to become flexible.  Consider doing things to earn a living that you hadn't considered yet.  Talk to everyone you know and explain that you are looking for work.  Listen carefully to what employers say that they are looking for and make adjustments to what you think you have to offer.  Listen for a need in any segment of your community, but most importantly after asking me for help, get out there.  I will help bring you together with the people who can best help you, but you are the only one who can move your feet.  I will do my part to help you."

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