Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Anonymous said...

Dear God....you know who I am and You know my life what happend to me so that i cant evean afford gas in my car. tell me if your punishing me or try to tell me something that I'm doing is not wright it's getting to the point that my faith is being questiond if You forgot me why is my family being punished?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I do know you and what you've experienced so far.  I do not punish. Life is fluid, and changes always.  You experience everything because you have agreed to experience it.  This is true for every single being.  You are living your chosen path.  Everyone in your life has also agreed to play their part - in the joyful as well as in the painful, just as you have agreed to your part in every life you contact. 

You control how you react to every circumstance.  In every circumstance, there is a lesson that you agreed to learn.  If you act in such a way where less than what you agreed to learn is learned, the lesson will arise for you again until your agreement is fulfilled.  You can choose blame, or growth.  You can allow change or you can resist it.  If you ask for my help you will always have it, but I will not make your choices for you.  Act out of love and know that your best possible outcome is ever-present waiting for you to claim it."

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