Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anonymous said...

My lover and I broke up a month ago. The relationship was great but he wanted to be in las vegas and I think hes really confused. Hes coming back in 2 days and will be here for a few months, he says he misses me and still loves me. Im not sure if I should see him or if this will just bring me back to the pain. He doesnt know what he wants and I feel like he is the one. Im so confused and I really need you now to help me understand what to do. I love this man with all I have and in my core believe we are meant to be but I am so lost right now. This may seem trivial compaired to others problems and I mean no disrepect. I just need to know if we are meant or if Im just not seeing things clearly. I am just so lost..

Answer from God through Carley:

"When you are with the one that is perfect for you, you will not feel this way.  Remember that you cannot control the free will of another.  You are hurting because at some point in your relationship you decided that you would let go of qualities and traits that were high on your list of what you seek in the perfect partner in order to be with this man.  Know what you really want, and how you really want to feel when you're with your partner.  Within your list decide what are deal-breakers and what you are willing to be flexible about.  It is extremely important that you understand this; while in the wrong relationship, the right relationship cannot find you.  Be kind, lead with love in all things and waste no time with the wrong person."

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