Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Anonymous said...

Am in a relationship now, the man seems great, caring and nice, but the issue is that i cant just build up or feel anything for him, because i feel he is not too handsome and all that, have been telling him i would pray about it, but all in all he is every woman's dream , thought he as his own faults, so should i go ahead and marry him, despite the fact that in looks, he is not 100%

Answer from God through Carley:

"Perfect isn't something for which you settle.  When you meet the man who is perfect for you, everything about him will be attractive.  Don't worry about how others would find him.  I don't mean to encourage you to be superficial and look only for handsome men, as in all things, time changes appearances.  The things you can't see will remain the same over time.  One other thing to consider as you search for him, would your perfect partner find you perfect for him yet?"

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