Monday, March 22, 2010

Anonymous said...

So mr and my girlfriend of 10 months broke up last month the day after valentines day.. She is in college and fair away but I feel like it was my fault even though she swears it is what's best for us.. I had alot of trust issues with he being at college with all the bad influences and parties and what not that goes on there... I feel like my insecurities of her finding someone else drove her away because I was always nagging her and wouldn't trust she was being good with all them guys around... I beg and plead her to come back but it just pushes her away... She told me she still loves mr more than anything in the world but he just can't do it anymore.. I don't know what to do and I really née your guidence because I don't want to lose her forever.. I know she has already started talking to guys... Hat do I do??

Answer from God through Carley:

"You let go.  In every single situation in life you can only control what you do, how you act and how you react.  When you let go, you accept this fact.  How others act most certainly can affect you, however by trying to control anything that is out of your control, you can actually hurt those you love and push them away from you.  Your trust issues speak to you and what you feel you would do in her place.  They also speak to your insecurities regarding your own education.  Instead of trying to control things out of your control, address your issues and move forward.  Maybe go to school?"

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