Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stephanie said...

Dear God,

Why did my daughter have to die. She was only 11 and had so much left to give and do. Thank you for not giving her a long term illness or a painful death. But it was sudden and I just don't understand why. I know she is around me and they we will be together again but I miss her right now in this physical exhistance. Why wasn't she allowed to continue living here with us?

Thank you for you guidance.

Stephanie (Natalie's Mom)

Answer from God through Carley:

"Death of a body is not the end of the soul.  A soul continues beyond time.  When you spend some time in this understanding you will know why you feel her around you; she has always been with you.   

Your daughter's body died due to her agreement with me for this life.  The purpose of these agreements is to allow the soul total understanding.  The agreement for this life is additionally agreed to by each soul involved, so you have agreed to your role, as did every one who loved her and whom she loved, virtually everyone who touched your lives.  From these agreements, come the circumstances met in life.  How free will is used to react to each circumstance is completely up to the individual.  

Stephanie, I hear your every prayer, your every conversation that you direct to me.  I have cradled you and have brought to you the gentle reminders and signs of love to comfort you and each of my creations in their times of loss and need.  I have one request to those of you that requests life.  I request that you love purely and deeply and without reservation.  You have done this.  Natalie did this too.  From me to your heart, well done.  I will always be right here each time you seek me and I will offer you answers to your prayers.  I look forward to your next chosen steps."

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