Wednesday, March 17, 2010

su17 said...


Well i want you to know that i want to connect with you the same way i did when i was a kid or probably a few years back. I had deliberately stopped it coz i guess i was frustrated and irritated.

I think to an extent it an lessened but everything feels meaningless when i dont have that connection with you. Its like that and the person whom i love make it complete.

I dont know if i will get married to the guy i love but i dont want to know that. Please can you help me restore the connection with you and then help me work things out with him.

Thanks for the job. Even though it pays less but i got it out my own ability and the angels help and your blessings.

Please take care of everyone.

Thanks for everything.

Answer from God through Carley:
"My connection with you has only been waiting for you.  I will always be right here, as close as your heartbeat, any time you seek me.  All you have to do is seek me."

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