Monday, April 5, 2010

Anonymous said...

I am a struggling convert who is finding it hard to stay on the right path. I was formerly an Atheist but read the Bible and am now trying to live life the Christian way, but it is hard to put all my pride away.

Right now, my pride is keeping me from contacting this girl that I really used to like. We were good friends for almost half a year and I was extremely attracted to her, and we had been boyfriend/girlfriend unofficially before her parents told her to cut it off. We were friends still for a while after that, but we kept getting into stupid arguements and finally, we got into one great fight and we haven't spoken to each other since in months.

Now, two months later, I am still fighting my urge to contact her. Should I? Would she want me to? Should I even bother? Is it worth it? God, I am lost and I don't know what to do. I've fallen from one heartbreak head first into another and I'm just struggling to stay up on my feet, mentally and emotionally anyways.

Please, God, I need some guidance. Should I try and contact her again?

Answer from God through Carley:

"The type of grief you feel is brought on by a sense of things left unsaid and undone.  If you feel that you did not say everything there is to say, or if you feel that there is something left undone, I recommend you finding a peaceful and loving way to accomplish these things.  Peace comes when all things possible are said and done, even if the outcome is not the one you seek.  And I'm right here anytime you seek me."

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