Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Anonymous said...

God our Father, you can do anything right? You see, I promised myself when I was young that I would be a good person. That's why I avoided fighting when one of my classmates is provoking in school when I was an elementary and high school. But now... I feel I'm becoming something I'm not. You see, I like playing role-playing games like final fantasies, persona 3 and persona 4. I've learned a lot of lesson about life when I was playing these games and it kinda shaped my personality to be a good one. But now... I feel like I'm becoming something I'm not... When I graduated from high school, I was separated from my best friends and it made kinda lonely. Through this loneliness I becoming something I am not. I have the wisdom to worship and know that you are our creator and Father but for some reason I'm becoming 'bad'... You can do anything yes? Nothing impossible to you? Please, God can you remove this evil feeling inside me if ask you to?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Yes, but what will you do?   How will you keep the evil feeling away?  Remember that our relationship is a partnership.

One excellent way to keep darkness from creeping in, is to do something for someone else with no anticipation of anything in return for your time.  Find a cause that you believe in and offer your time.  When you stay in a space that revolves around you, your world is small indeed.  Open your heart and the world is a much brighter and bigger place to call home."

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