Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anonymous said...


After I had my daughter with a man even after never being together I prayed that one day we would be together all though i never felt we were fully ready intil my daughter was at the age of 6 then i wanted to be with him. In the time we were not together he had a child with someone else & she did not want him apart of its life. we are now together with a new child and some times i feel like i dont want to be with him because im scared he will hurt me one day when the other mother comes around. I wanted him to be with me so badly and loved him even when i dident know him. please help my weak heart and pray for me to trust in him that he loves me as much as i love him & pray that he is a good man who would not hurt me like that. I dont know if my heart can take much more pain i need the lord to please let me be happy with out taking it away!

Answer from God through Carley:

"The fact that you worry about how he will act is significant.  I hear your prayers; all of them and I answer each one.  You have beautiful children who need to feel safe and secure and need you to be an example for how they can lead their own lives.  When you do not feel secure, they do not feel secure.

Those whom you allow in your life and in the lives of your children is a choice you make.  Even when it feels as though you have no choices, you do and all you need to do is ask for my help and then decide to pay close attention to all that comes to you.  Ignore nothing.  I speak to most in coincidence. You can choose to think it strange and ignore it, or you can choose to think about it carefully.

Remember that you only have control of your own free will and the free will of your children while they are young.  I will not interfere with free will - yours, theirs or his.  You choose.  You will always have at least what you need.  When you are ready for more in your life, let me know and move your feet in the direction of what you seek.  I will always be as close to you as your own breath when you seek me."

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