Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anonymous said...

I recently asked you for strength to make this homebased business work and now I am asking you to watch over me and this business so that I can be successful in order to help provide for my family.

I am really trying to do the best I can with what I can, considering I have to jugle life and three small children in the process, so with that said please don't let this business fall through the cracks and help me get more loyal customers and a much stronger customer base. As of now I am doing good considering my set backs, but I know that with your guidance and your watchfull eye I can be great at this. I thank you for this small starting success and I know that I couldn't have done it without you - so for that THANK YOU -

I pray for more customers and more loyal returning customers and more open doors for this business to take flight for the wellbeing of my family.

P.S: I know that by the time I read this post back from you & B' I may have the answer, but I am still going to ask the question.

Will the fundraiser I help kick off for Dr. N. be the success I want it to be, will she and I have as many participants as needed for the cause. Can you please make this fundraiser a strong event that I can have on a continuing basis in order to help Dr. N's. cause.

I really want this fundraiser to kick (you know what) and have it to be a concuring event. I also would ask that you help me strive for more successfull fundraisers with schools and other organizations as I progress with the devolpment and building of this business.

p.s.s: please watch over my friends, family, and all of the people who are in desperate need of your guidance and love, plus all of the sick people and the children of the world.

Oh yeah I forgot to thank you for not taking her the other night, I don't know why the awfull event needed to take place, I am not sure why, what or who was to learn from that event (me, her, or the other people involved), but thank you for not taking her back with you. As of then I feel like I have failed her and feel that she deserved to have been given a better mother. I pray to you that none of them go through a scary event similar to this one in their life.


Answer from God through Carley:

"You can have anything you want.  I will not interfere with anyone's free will nor will I interfere with any agreement.  You will always have to do the work that's required in what you want, but as long as you ask for help in anything that is based in love, know that you will have it."

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