Sunday, May 30, 2010

Anonymous said...


why am i afraid, will you forgive me for my sins more than all for not calling on you like i have before, im not sure what happened but what i do know is im scared to even type this qstion to you....Im putting everything i have on you god, i believe in you with all my heart and soul even though ive strayed, god i ask you tonight to comfort me and my daughter to bring love peace and joy in our home, to bless me with all my needs. And to somehow bless me with the $ I need for rent and utilities on the first. I dont know what else to do, I dont want to do what i used to do, ive made mistakes God please forgive me Im sorry I do love you, and with all my heart God I dont want to live that lifestyle anymore please someway make this happen for me......are miracles possible

Answer from God through Carley:

"Instead of declaring what you don't want, declare what you do want.  Getting what you want is really very simple, however getting there often takes dedication and hard work.  First you have to choose.  Dream big.  Don't worry about how it will happen.  Instead imagine the end result.  Ask me and your angels for help and then map your course.  If what you seek takes more education, begin investigating all the ways you can get that education.  If what you seek is a job, get your resume together, practice interviewing and then ask for the job.  Even if what you seek a friend, ask for our help and then get out there doing things you really like to do with others who enjoy the same thing.  The most important thing to do is to choose.

Of course you are forgiven.  There isn't one who walks among you that isn't in need of forgiveness.  I love you.

It is okay to be afraid.  Do you know of people who appear fearless?  They really aren't without fear, but rather walk through their fear in order to live their dreams.  I am always with you.  Take a deep breath and then do what you really want to do. I believe in you.

Miracles happen all around all the time and you'll continue to miss them until you decide to pay close attention and learn to quiet the noise in your mind.  Make time to be still and then quiet and invite me in. Spend at least a few minutes this way each day and get to know me better.  I am only a thought away."

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