Saturday, October 17, 2009

Crista P said...

God, why did you send Derrell to me if all he was going to do was hurt me. At first it was not so much u know what it's like to ne withhim and i love him and it's not enough

Answer from God through Carley:

"If your relationship is less than perfect for you, it did not come from me. If you are ready to find the perfect partner a few things need to be done. First, look within. Are you the person with whom your perfect partner would also want? If not, then re-create yourself into that person. Also, if you are in the wrong relationship, perfect will not find you.

Ask for my help in all you do knowing that you will have my help, and then take action. Pay attention to all the coincidences that come to you and know that coincidence is my way of bringing things to you. Don't ignore them, but rather know that with them comes proof of my loving hand in your life. Forward motion however, involves your use of free-will."

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