Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kamelot said...

Hello God... You know who I am and I think you know what I will ask... I've been meditating almost about everyday to fill my self with light and truths. And I've been trying very hard to hear you voice, but so far, no luck. If I cannot hear your voice God then please grant me this: Can you make a "seal" that can keep the darkness, the demons, the negativity, and the deceptions from entering everyone's hearts and minds for that matter so that the world will a bright and a beautiful world for everyone. This "seal" I'm referring is like a barrier that prevents the demons and deceptions from entering everyone's hears and minds. I hope you can grant this God... well then. That is all. Thank you.

Answer from God through Carley:

"If I were to do that I would interfere with free will, and I will not do that.  There are ways that you can protect yourself, however.  Be light.  It sounds simple, and it really is if you believe that it can be.  In your meditations I know that you are getting good at quieting your mind.  When quiet, ask for my light.  Feel it come from me through you and deep into the earth.  With practice and desire to become proficient you'll be able to invoke my light anytime you need it and eventually to just be light all the time.  Nothing of darkness can penetrate light.  As for those around you, be particular at what you're willing to have in your life.  Choose to surround yourself with people who lift you up, who make you want to be your best.  Try to decrease the amount of time you spend around those who bring drama or darkness.  Do what you really love to do at least a bit of every day.  Be grateful and count at least 5 things in each day that are blessings.  And when others turn to you and ask you what makes you such a happy person, pass it on."

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