Saturday, May 15, 2010

Michelle said...

Dear God,

I know, I mean know, I am here for a specific purpose... as is everyone. However, I've known this and felt a in-depth self knowledge my entire life (not that I am anymore special then anyone else). You have saved my life many times(as you know) and have passed your message to many(I hear you and thank you for the reminders). You've always stepped in, in just the nick of time. I've followed your every guidance (that i could understand). I've always felt a very strong connection and a clear sense of purpose... however, my purpose has always been a mystery.

When I have spoke to Brian and others who obviously have a clearer connection.. they've never really had any answers. But I know deep within my every fiber, you have me here specifically for something(whether for my personal growth or to help someone...). Since I can recall, I've been on a mission.. like a rebel without a clear cause. Helping and loving and giving as I've always only understood to do. For years, since childhood, I've been surrounded by personal growth and continued that path my entire life.

While I revel in the glory of earth and its magnificence as well as the possibilities here. I often feel bored and unsettled ... like I've done it all and done it all so many times... I honestly feel like I'm running a race that doesn't seem to end. I know our connection is strong and I regularly recognize patterns of lessons to be learned and in that way I feel great strides. However, there's this ever present feeling of being here for something specific. And know you've made that one abundantly clear. What is it? I often feel like a fish out of water here... and have my entire life. While you know I've accepted that and since then have reveled in my uniqueness at time. And I truly do love the lives I touch... I must admit I think I enjoy my uniqueness and their reaction to it the most ... most of the time. What is it you wanted for me here or what was it that I wanted for me here.

As you know I've been here ... ever so often. I'm starting to understand, just what that means and how it all starts to connect. Can you guide me on the mystery, tell me my purpose? I sometimes feel like I'm playing the system a bit... Things are really starting to click in.. I just don't quite understand the purpose of why for me, personally?

Oh! thank the angels or whoever (I still haven't gotten who they are) you sent to tell me when Celeana was taking her life. While I know she'll be back. I was quite surprised I was included in that connection at that moment, since it'd been twenty years since we last spoke. I know she's well, we were speaking she's been quiet recently. However, I don't expect a constant connection from anyone ever. Unfortunately she'll have to do it all again. I'm hoping I'm here to guide her in her next journey... but as you know, it comes down to her decision to learn. Just as my own!
Thank you Brian... you have such a wonderful connection, when we spoke, I could feel you clarity. Sometimes it's just nice to here God speak through someone you trust.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Your purpose in life is not predetermined.  You get to choose it.  You each have free will.  You can turn toward or away from anything, from everything.  Find your passion and follow that.  Most people work very hard at what they feel passionate about, however it never feels like work because they truly love it.  Find others who share your passion and make friends.  It takes a single step followed by another, and asking for help followed by paying very close attention.  My voice is quiet, but you can hear it when you are also quiet and still.  I'm always as close to you as your shadow, but just as your shadow I must be sought to be found."

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