Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

I have made the most of my education and achieved an MBA. Yet, I have not been given the opportunity in my current workplace to use my talents or receive a promotion. I work hard and understand the business very well.

Why haven't I received the opportunity I believe I should receive?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Opportunity is interesting.  From your question, it could be concluded that you believe opportunity should be given to you based upon your accomplishments.  Instead of waiting for an opportunity to be given to you, you can find a new vantage point.  Perhaps you could pay attention to what is needed in your office and in your business and choose to become that.  Also, as in any relationship it is important to review your own applicability.  Are you the perfect employee yet?  If not, keep working toward that end.  Try to judge your relevance through your employer's eyes, through your peer's eyes.  It could also be that you are in the wrong place.  Where you are is always up to you.  Examine, ask for help, move your feet in the direction that you choose, and pay very close attention to "coincidence".  I'm right here whenever you need me."
Anonymous said...

I ask of you the following:

What has prevented me from fulfilling my dreams? I seem to repeat my mistakes (financially) over and over. Lastly, I feel my wife does not really want to continue our marriage or may have someone else in her mind. I believed she settled with me because of pressure from her family.

I would like to see positive change.

Answer from God through Carley:

"You are the only one responsible for the decisions you make.  How badly do you want to fulfill your dreams?  How badly do you want to make different mistakes?  You get to choose everything you do.  Look to others who overcame real adversity to fulfill their dreams.  Learn from them.  Take what you've learned and implement it in your own life.  It was never my intent for anyone to live a life of lack.

As for your wife, are you the husband she needs?  If not, then will you be?  How badly do you want to be the man she needs?

Each being was given free will.  You determine how you will use yours.  Every other being gets to determine how they will use theirs.  You are the only one who decides for you.  Are you making the decisions that will get you where you want to be?  All you have to do is ask for my help and then get out there and do the work necessary to achieve your goals.  Taking action is your part in our partnership.  Action is most certainly required in order to achieve what you want."

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sam said...

Dear God,
I now understand all of the signs you had given me two years ago to not go to graduate school and even throughout the course of the program you provided signs that I ignored, signs that were so incredibly clear that I was not meant to be in that program.

$62k later I am unhappy with the degree, but should be happy as I am fulfilling an internship in the field I had always been passionate about (completely different from what I completed my graduate degree in), that I originally ignored because friends and family had told me "there's no money in that." Well, there's no money in what I went to school for and I detested every minute of the program. I take full responsibility for my actions, but I can't help regretting them, as well.

I fear I will never be happy and confident unless I pursue the degree I was meant to, which will help me get the job I want, will rest my mind (get me out of this awful depression that has lost me contact with my mother and I am now starting to lose my other family where I currently live), but will cost me another $10k or so.

I am now paying attention and, if it's not too late, please tell me what I should do...


Answer from God through Carley:

"Always, in every situation and in every possible circumstance follow your heart.  Listen carefully to others and then make your decision based upon what your heart tells you.  What you truly feel is right for you, is."

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all that I have, will have, and have had. Thank you for the happiness, and at times the sadness. Thank you for everything you have given me, placed me in front of and will continue to receive.

I wish that I had not gone through some of this SSSSS stuff I went through and feel that I still carry a lot of negativaty - even though you have removed it from me a few times, I still feel it like a huge magnet. Please continue to clear my soul, heart, and my negativaty - I am noticing that it's affecting the way my almost 4 year old is behaving (it's my fault and I want to stop it now, before it's too late)

Thank you for the family you allowed me to be born into and I am deeply sorry that I did not know how to appreciate the wonderful woman you have given me for a mother. Even though at times 9 out of 10 we still do not see eye to eye, she is a wonderful lady nontheless, give me the strenght to leave my ego aside and tell her one day before it's too late that I am sorry and that I do love her in my own way and that I am thankful to her for everything she has done for me and the family and for everything is went through, and that I ... well everything else that I need to say to her and can you also help repair our relationship to the point were it's not 9 out or 10 and it's more 1 out of 10 or 0 out of 10... That would be nice.

Thank you for my father and my sister - I do wish that she and I can and will one day be the sisters were are destined to be, I just do not know if it is I who needs to change or she. I would have to say she only because I along with the entire family believes she has destined herself form us, she ... well you know who she is, how she is and why she does what she does and how she does them, but nontheless I know one of us needs to change in order for us to be "sisters".

Thank you for the children you have given me the oportunity to carry and have, and the children you plan to give me in the future - if their are anymore to come... eventhough you told me that the number of children I would have was up to him and I, and yet you kinda mentioned that I would probably be set with my first two and I would not have the boy, yet I did and you also told me he was a boy... Any way going off track with this. I personally believe you will allow me to have as many children as you want me to have and as many children he and I can handle. (GOD NEVER GIVES YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN HANDLE).

But I know I do not say this enough or everyday - even though I should... Thank You! I am who I am because you love me, and well I love me too maybe not as much as you love me but I know that I will get there one day!

Oh, yeah. One more thing you were right about him and thank you for allowing this special day to happen for me, even though you and he say that it's not required by you to have.

Thank you for him and I hope that he and I will continue to become better partners and will continue this journey as one.

I am thankful even though I might not show it or feel it at the time, I do reflect back on my life and realize that I am thankful.

If I am forgetting to mention other things/people I am thankful about - sorry, but you know that I don't mean to forget to mention them.

Ok, Got to let you go and watch over the rest of us... I think I have made my point here, so TTYL.


Ok, love ya bye

Answer from God through Carley:

"You are the only one who has control of your free will.  How you behave, how you act and how you react is determined only by you.  On the other hand, you cannot control the free will of another.  Control what you can and let go of what you cannot control.  If you behave in such a way that aligns with all that you believe, you will have peace."
Anonymous said...

Back in July of last year someone asked you... what did their dreams meant and you answered... "Dreams serve so many purposes. Sometimes when you are bothered by something, you are shown a way out of your situation in your dreams. Sometimes adversely, what bothers you can take on a dark and sinister side and you see it in nightmares.

So my question to you is... what do my dreams mean, what am I soposed to receive from the dreams that make me cry when I wake up...

Basically what is the message I'm soposed to understand when I dream about her? But please keep them comming I never want to forget want she looked like here on earth.

... Can you send me a dream - and one that I will never forget - of what I am destined to do with my life/career. I'm almost done with school and am un decided if I should continue, go to medical school, or if I should get a masters or leave it as is and try to find something in this hard economy.

Can you help me find the right career path so I can make a finale desion on what I will do next - MASTERS, OR MEDICAL SCHOOL, etc you know what I mean. Or just keep my BS and if so what is my asset and what field should I apply to.


Answer from God through Carley:

"Your dreams represent unfinished business.  Moving forward requires letting go.  You cannot fully move into your future with one foot standing in your past. When you are ready, meditate with her and tell her what you need to tell her and then say goodbye.  If you need help in that, ask me for it and I will send you a teacher.  Recognizing the teacher of course, will be up to you.

She'll never really leave you, but you are the one keeping her in your dreams.  Also, either you choose to keep her with you or you don't.  You cannot choose this but not that; it's all of it, or none of it.

Your career path is up to you.  All directions you take are up to you.  Not choosing is the thing that makes you stuck.  Choose what gives you joy.  Choose what you are passionate about.  Wouldn't you agree that it's time to get moving?"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Paul said...

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

What happens to all the people who lived before Jesus made the sacrifice? And all the people who lived and died before having an opportunity to hear the Good News?


Answer from God through Carley:

"Regardless of what you have heard, read or believe, I would never turn away a creation of mine.  I never have and I never will.  Each creation is a child of mine that is loved completely.  When you're ready to know more, all you need to do is open your mind to more than you already understand and spend time with me, either in prayer or in conversation out loud or within your mind or in meditation. Choose to let me in.  I am as close to you as your thoughts and ready whenever you are."

Friday, June 18, 2010

Alexander said...

Good Morning God,

My question is relatively simple, if a tad too inquisitive. Why does this site exist?

A little bit of explanation is warrented here. Obviously you have to have granted we mortals free will, or else there would be no justification for this site's existence. With that noted however,if you have a perfect "prescription for happiness" (as implied by the fact that you have a advice website), why, in your own name, would you decide to tell the universe about it through a "blog"? Surely it would be far simpler to just write it down for us, in say, a book? A New York Times editorial? A major network TV show? Why not present it in the Super Bowl halftime show? If, as a divine being, you are capable of producing the Dallas Cowboy's cheerleading team, then surely you understand the value of marketing/appeal.

Instead, you choose a source that ensures limited exposure, ruins your credibility, and places you on equal billing with the "Celebrity Masturbation" blog. Have you considered a new PR team?

Obviously as a divine being, you have some greater intent for your almost comedic means of expression. And, while it may seem presumptuous to demand to know part of the mystical "secret plan",that does appear to be the stated objective of this blog.

Why does this site exist then?

I look forward to your reply,

Publius Valerius Publicola

Answer from God through Carley:

"I am sorry that you are so angry, but the fact remains that this site exists because people seeking to know me can learn about me here, one question at a time.  Through the asked and answered questions in this blog those who come here could learn that I choose a quiet voice that must be asked to speak and then carefully listened to in order be heard."
KR said...

God, please tell me what kind of job or employment I am supposed to have. Am I supposed to be searching harder for a 9-5 job where I am away from my home and my babies? Am I supposed to find something where I can work from home? How do I stop feeling so overwhelmed with everything? Please tell me the right choices to make and which direction I am supposed to go. And please help my husband feel at peace with the choice that is right for me and us.


Answer from God through Carley:

"There is nothing that you are supposed to do.  You will be most successful and find the most happiness in work that you are passionate about.  You can design whatever you choose to do around what is most important to you.  Make a list of all the things you want in a job or career.  Include the hours and/or days you'd like to work, where you physically do the work, what tools you need, what if any additional training or education you'll need.  If you need more clarity, clear your mind and sit in silence and have this conversation with me in your head.  Invite and then allow me in.  Once you have an idea or two of what you're most passionate about and how you'd like to act upon those passions, get your list in hand and imagine you doing it.  Imagine you doing it every single day and while you're at it - get going!  I will always do my part, but for this great passion of yours, you have a lot of work to do too.  I'm always just a thought away when you need me."

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mel said...

I pray continuously that my exboyfriend will get back together. I have had dreams that me and him got back together again. I feel and know that those dreams can from God. He says "Ask and Thy will be done." I ask God every day and night to make a way for Him to restore my relationship with my ex. I do not want any other person besides him. My heart says he is the one for me and I do not want it any other way. I will not stop praying for this to happen and I will not give up! So I ask of you (Carley), if I keep praying and believing that my ex will come back, will he come back through the power of Prayer? I love my ex and I cannot settle with anything more or less than him. :)

Answer from God through Carley:

"What I want most is a relationship with you.  You can pray for anything you want and as long as what you want is based in love I will help you, however I will not interfere with free will.  If you were to ask for true love I would jump in to help you, as long as you do your part and get out there where true love can find you.  When you ask for a specific person, I am unable to help as doing so would interfere with free will.  Regardless of what you seek, prayer alone is never enough.  Our relationship is such that I am here to help, but you must also do your part for your dreams to come true."

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anonymous said...

i love him and want to be with him but we are married to other people. I have chosen to leave him alone until one or both of us is seperated and ready to divorce. Does he loves me to?? He has not told me his feelings.
Answer from God through Carley:

"If you are in the wrong relationship, the right relationship cannot find you.  Spending time in the wrong relationship honors no one.  Do not wait for someone else to tell you they feel, know first what you feel. Decide what you want and act upon that.  If you are not certain, search your heart for your answers."

Monday, June 14, 2010

Anonymous said...

My mom is battling late stage cancer of the lung and liver and now in bed almost all the time and having small seizures. I am her caregiver, I left my home and husband to do this for her but I am wearing down, depressed, homesick and hoping for her suffering to end. Please will this end soon for her?

Answer from God through Carley:

"You gave back a precious gift.  You can choose to view your gift as something that caused you to leave your husband and your home to present, or you can choose to view what you've given as weeks, days, hours and moments where you honored your mother, her life, and her countless gifts to you.  It was not easy, but then when you remember your last bits of time together in this form, you understand that what you gained is far more than what you gave.  Neither of you was ever alone.  Thank you for asking me in."
Amit said...

My Dear Lord,

First I want to let u know I love u very much and I am extremely grateful for the wonderful parents u gave me, my adorable wife, my younger brother and his wife, both of whom we love so much and who remind us of ur greatness each day. Lord, inspite of me suffering from more than 70% hearing loss, u gave me a good job and gave me position and respect among normal hearing people. Through advancements in science my hearing aids allow me to function almost normally in my job. Every moment in the office and among other people, I think of how u gave me a pain, but also help to tide over the pain.

Lord God, Iam sorry that I have acted extremely arrogant at times and do compare myself to other people who u have blessed with better positions and pay. My married life too is not doing well though I love my wife a lot and u know well what is wrong. I became impatient and tried my hand at businesses, which flopped and has left us in debt at least for the next year and a half. I dont go to church at all these days though I have a deep faith in u.

Lord the most important reason I am writing though is that you have given me the responsibility of delivering classroom training to the entire department for a month. Lord you know well that I cannot comprehend well when people speak to me from a distance or speak softly. Again, there are people whose speech is in such frequencies I just find it impossible to understand. Who better than you knows that for me there is no escaping from delivering this training.

Lord Iam not really concerned how humiliated I'd have to feel if my trainees find out my hearing is bad but rather that why should others and my company have to suffer because of me. Lord Iam eagerly waiting for your reply. Command to me Lord what should I do. Lord, your will be done

Love u Lord

Amit N

Answer from God through Carley:

"There isn't one among you without some defect.  Not one is perfect.  Some defects are obvious and some are not.  You need help hearing but you have so many really good qualities.  Why should your hearing loss be humiliating to you?  I accept you exactly as you are.  My wish is that you will too.

The best way to deal with a situation like this is to come forward and explain your hearing loss.  Help only comes when you ask for it.  Ask that you are spoken to in a tone you will most easily hear and ask for  patience if you do not hear.  Tell them that you will do your best - and then do it.  Have a sense of humor about it.  Allow others among you come forward with their defects and feel comfortable in your presence.  You are loved beyond all means of measure.  Why let a little hearing defect stand in the way of fulfilling your dreams?"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Melissa said...

i have been 8 years in love with a musician named ben [a]. my one question is how i can get him to marry me and have his children. i have proposed and he said that when he is single he will come to find me. i can't be alone anymore. please help.

Answer from God through Carley:

"You cannot get anyone to do anything that they don't want to do.  You can only control what you do.  My wish for you is to find true love that is perfect for you.  When you are in the wrong relationship, the right one for you cannot come to you.  Do things you love to do with others who share your passions; start there.  You have asked me for help and you will have it.  All you have to do is to keep moving and to pay close attention.  I'm only a thought away anytime you seek me."
Anonymous said...

I wish to ask for an answer. I have been living with a man for almost 4 years. It has been difficult, as I seem to have been the one much more in love, and he has been hesitant to get married, giving me an engagement ring under pressure, but never setting a date etc. When I made it clear that I would really leave he then said not too, that we would get married. But everything I have read says a marriage should be desired by both with all their hearts. He has been twice divorced and would rather just continue living together. In the meantime I have met a man, who is religious, and I have been meeting with him several times a week - I met him in a business situation about a year ago. He has listened to some of my problems and thinks I should move out and pray that God forgives me and ask God to send me a man to become my husband in the future. He thinks I should realize that my current fiance is unevenly yoked and that he obviously does not love me enough to take the next step and want to make me his wife.

The problem is that all of a sudden I think I have either developed a crush or am falling in love with this friend. He is dating several women and has shown an interest in me - he has been insisting on holding my hand, giving me hugs, etc. I think he wants to settle with one girl pretty soon (in the past - 15 years ago, he was a huge ladies man, but then he found God, gave up drinking, took care of his dying Father for many years, currently has his Mother living at his house.) He is talking about getting serious with one particular woman, bringing up the fact that he might marry her one day, since she recently is divorcing. He tells me that she is very nice, he used to like her but she was married. He doesn't want to let her slip through his fingers when others find out her divorce is final. I admitted that I was jealous she would be getting such a good man. This is when he started holding my hand, etc. He told me that many years ago when he felt true love it was like magic. I think he has been trying to hold my hand and hug to see if the earth moves for either of us. I blush when he does any of these things. All of a sudden I am feeling feelings for him - feeling that I am not feeling for my fiance. It almost hurts a little in my chest when I think about this new man - I miss his attenion of late. I know it is wrong to continually see him (under the guise of learning about the stockmarket) but I am so happy when visiting him and his Mother. I smile and laugh - he makes me feel so good. I like that he believes the man should be a spiritual leader. He is smarter than me, yet he is not competitive with me, he seems to think of my needs, not just his needs. He seems so much more confident than my man. It seems that with my man, his needs are always way before mine.

I am thoroughly confused as to why I feel this new pinge in my chest. I am sad that he may eventually marry this other woman, because he is so different from any man I have loved. The other men I have loved, never seemed to really, really love me back. He seems to care more about me. Of course I am afraid that he is not real - that he is still deep down a ladies man.

God, please help me. I get so confused - at times I think you brought me to this man and at times I think I am just a fool.

Please, please answer me.

Answer from God through Carley:

"The perfect partner for you cannot find you when you are in the wrong relationship.  What if you think about the new man, not as a possible relationship but as an answer to your prayers for clarity?  What if you view him as a confidence booster and with him you are able to see things about yourself that you were forgetting or perhaps never believed about yourself?  What if this new man were to show you that you are desirable and that you possess many wonderful qualities that your perfect partner would cherish above all else?

A ladies man is not perfect for you, nor is a man who wavers back and forth, never truly choosing you.  You are a child of mine.  You are already loved beyond measure and worthy of real love in return for the real love you have to give.

I am always listening when you speak to me and I answer every prayer.  Pay closer attention and examine every coincidence."

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have gone thru some tough situations that strained our marriage and we both made very bad choices. He had affairs, and we separated while he stayed with his latest affair. He says that he wants a divorce so that I don't get the best of him while he works on himself. He still tells me that he loves me and to the best of my knowledge he isn't pursuing the divorce. He still however is in contact with the other woman. I'm confused about what to do. I don't know where God wants me in this relationship. I hold on to him because I love him and also because of our children. Both him and her are currently incarcerated.

Answer from God through Carley:

"I want for you a life filled with love, laughter, true joy and the fulfillment of your every dream.  Isn't that what you want for your children?  Focus on what's important now.  You have children to raise and in raising them you can make the choice to show them what is worth settling for and what is not acceptable.  For you I choose love that lifts you up and that doesn't confuse you but rather grounds you in security.  What do you choose?  I'm right here any time you need help."

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, I am a 37 year old man. I have remained a virgin in the hopes that You would bless me with a wonderful, God-fearing woman in his time. Father God you know I am not perfect, and I've made mistakes like anyone, but staying a virgin was something I chose to do because I wanted God's BEST concerning a mate.

At my age, I cannot help but wonder why it has taken so long. Many of my friends are married with children. I have a girlfriend who's nice, but can't bring myself to propose because of issues with her finances. My sex drive is wondering why it is taking so much as I want to please you God, I desperately want to get my freak on with my curvaceous wife--before I turn 40.

I thank you Heavenly Father for keeping me thus far, but I can feel my resolve to stay pure beginning to Please come through for me Lord. Show me what you would have me do to receive this special woman into my life.

Answer from God through Carley:

"You use your free will to remain a virgin until marriage, and every choice you make is yours.

As long as you are in the wrong relationship, your best relationship cannot come to you.  Asking for my help is only half of the equation.  The other half is up to you.  What are you willing to do to bring the perfect person into your life?  Are you the perfect partner for your perfect partner yet?  If the answer is not yet, get to work.  Your choices and your actions determine how long the wait will be."