Saturday, June 26, 2010

Anonymous said...

Back in July of last year someone asked you... what did their dreams meant and you answered... "Dreams serve so many purposes. Sometimes when you are bothered by something, you are shown a way out of your situation in your dreams. Sometimes adversely, what bothers you can take on a dark and sinister side and you see it in nightmares.

So my question to you is... what do my dreams mean, what am I soposed to receive from the dreams that make me cry when I wake up...

Basically what is the message I'm soposed to understand when I dream about her? But please keep them comming I never want to forget want she looked like here on earth.

... Can you send me a dream - and one that I will never forget - of what I am destined to do with my life/career. I'm almost done with school and am un decided if I should continue, go to medical school, or if I should get a masters or leave it as is and try to find something in this hard economy.

Can you help me find the right career path so I can make a finale desion on what I will do next - MASTERS, OR MEDICAL SCHOOL, etc you know what I mean. Or just keep my BS and if so what is my asset and what field should I apply to.


Answer from God through Carley:

"Your dreams represent unfinished business.  Moving forward requires letting go.  You cannot fully move into your future with one foot standing in your past. When you are ready, meditate with her and tell her what you need to tell her and then say goodbye.  If you need help in that, ask me for it and I will send you a teacher.  Recognizing the teacher of course, will be up to you.

She'll never really leave you, but you are the one keeping her in your dreams.  Also, either you choose to keep her with you or you don't.  You cannot choose this but not that; it's all of it, or none of it.

Your career path is up to you.  All directions you take are up to you.  Not choosing is the thing that makes you stuck.  Choose what gives you joy.  Choose what you are passionate about.  Wouldn't you agree that it's time to get moving?"

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