Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mel said...

I pray continuously that my exboyfriend will get back together. I have had dreams that me and him got back together again. I feel and know that those dreams can from God. He says "Ask and Thy will be done." I ask God every day and night to make a way for Him to restore my relationship with my ex. I do not want any other person besides him. My heart says he is the one for me and I do not want it any other way. I will not stop praying for this to happen and I will not give up! So I ask of you (Carley), if I keep praying and believing that my ex will come back, will he come back through the power of Prayer? I love my ex and I cannot settle with anything more or less than him. :)

Answer from God through Carley:

"What I want most is a relationship with you.  You can pray for anything you want and as long as what you want is based in love I will help you, however I will not interfere with free will.  If you were to ask for true love I would jump in to help you, as long as you do your part and get out there where true love can find you.  When you ask for a specific person, I am unable to help as doing so would interfere with free will.  Regardless of what you seek, prayer alone is never enough.  Our relationship is such that I am here to help, but you must also do your part for your dreams to come true."

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