Monday, June 28, 2010

Sam said...

Dear God,
I now understand all of the signs you had given me two years ago to not go to graduate school and even throughout the course of the program you provided signs that I ignored, signs that were so incredibly clear that I was not meant to be in that program.

$62k later I am unhappy with the degree, but should be happy as I am fulfilling an internship in the field I had always been passionate about (completely different from what I completed my graduate degree in), that I originally ignored because friends and family had told me "there's no money in that." Well, there's no money in what I went to school for and I detested every minute of the program. I take full responsibility for my actions, but I can't help regretting them, as well.

I fear I will never be happy and confident unless I pursue the degree I was meant to, which will help me get the job I want, will rest my mind (get me out of this awful depression that has lost me contact with my mother and I am now starting to lose my other family where I currently live), but will cost me another $10k or so.

I am now paying attention and, if it's not too late, please tell me what I should do...


Answer from God through Carley:

"Always, in every situation and in every possible circumstance follow your heart.  Listen carefully to others and then make your decision based upon what your heart tells you.  What you truly feel is right for you, is."

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