Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jamy said...

oh god. Wat is there left to do? i really like this guy butt the last time i told him i like him he said he does to butt he didt want a girlfriend at the moment. And then went ahead and dated me best friend. However a little time after that we started talkin agin and it seemed lik we had been friends forever, he was like a little brother to me. butt then something happened afterwards that made him stop talking to me and then soon we went are seperat ways. I still liked him butt i wanted him more as a friend to i explained that i wanted to be friends and he said ok and he was glad, then we became close and great friends. i thought it was always going to be lik that till i git the feelin i liked him more than that agin. he then broke up with his girl friend and we hung out more and then school ended. i still really like him butt he doesnt know and when i asked if he would come to the movies, a night i had planned for a whole month, he said he couldn't go and i felt this deepness inside that hurt. I still have to go to the movies with my friends, and im still hurt:( i need lots of advice in two ways. i want to know if i should just let him go even though he tells my best friend he likes me just a bit for now? Or should i keep my hopes high? And should ikeep bing his friend or stop, from all the pain inside i feel that i cannot tell him about? Help?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Search your heart.  Your heart is where I am.  If you and he were right, it would have happened.  When things don't happen, don't take it personally as absolutely nothing is personal, but realize that he meant what he said; it wasn't right for him.  Remember, when you are in the wrong relationship, your right relationship cannot find you.  Every time you speak to me I hear you and I answer you.  All you have to do to find what you seek is to ask for help, and then move toward it."

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