Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jonathan [W] said...

Hey, me and my fiancé just split up a little over a month ago. The breakup wasn't sudden, we had talked about it and decided several times to try and work it out. I wasn't being myself for the last 6 months of our 2+ year relationship. I had battled an addiction to pornography, jealousy, being selfish, and living my life out of lust. This caused me to ulitimately be a jerk to her. She has been so content on working things out and wanting me to change my ways, but since we split and I really got the opportunity to see how I was acting and how the things I was doing affected our relationship, she says she no longer has feelings for me and I should just move on. I really realize what she means to me and I have expressed my feelings only for her to shoot me down on the opportunity of another chance. She was normaly quick to turn to god about troubling issuses but is now heading down the road of partying and running around with her single friends. I have prayed that god open a door for me to make things right with her and for a chance to rebuild our relationship. I am much closer to god than I was a couple months ago. I have always been a Christian I just haven't always lead that life. I feel extremely heartbroken and all I want is to reconcile with her. Is there anything god can do to help my situation. Everyone in her family wishes she would give me another chance she just won't even talk to them about it. What should I do. I am lost without the lords guidance.

Answer from God through Carley:

"The past cannot be undone.  You can choose to use the outcome of past actions and consequences as your teacher for the future.  You are the only one who controls your actions.  It is unfortunate that you weren't aware of how your actions affected your relationship until you were out of it, but choose to learn moving forward.

The heart you broke was your own.  Forgive yourself, make better choices in the future and work toward becoming the man your perfect match would want to have in their life.  When you need help, you you must ask for it and then take action on your own behalf, knowing that I will always do my part."

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