Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anonymous said...

when will I be out of this situation ? I have realized that we are not meant to be together , when will she realize ? and what does the future hold for me

Answer from God through Carley:

"You get to choose your future.  You get to decide with whom you spend your life.  If it's time for a change you get to choose how you do that too.  Love yourself enough to give you what you want in life.  Staying in a life you do not want honors no one.  The question remains, who do you honor and how is that displayed in your life?  Your choices matter."
Anonymous said...

my lord, i need you forgiveness on this earth. im am so ashamed of the things i did, and i need your forgiveness. i also have been through many things, not so much compares to others people. but in my live, as you know about. as long as my children, my family, and friends are ok, thats my wish. i will have to face you one day for what i have done wrong in my life. thank you my lord.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Everyone who seeks forgiveness, has it.  You are forgiven.  Will you now allow your past experiences to enhance your future experiences?  Will you make better choices in the future?  All your choices are yours alone to make.  Choose wisely."

Friday, August 13, 2010

Anonymous said...

Why did you create evolution?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Evolution is necessary as all beings have free will and everything was designed to move.  Evolution allows everything to change."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1715 said...

Hi God,

Its been 2 years since I had written you seriously about it. We still haven’t made any progress. I am still waiting. And I don’t know if he will come back or not. I just know Baba wont let me down.

I want to admit everything to you. I have seen myself hating you cursing you begging you breaking down infront of you and I still dont have an answer. Its probably because I stayed away from you. I know I did. I was lost somewhere. I did lose myself and I am trying to figure out why I let that happen.

I love one guy with all my heart but I let everything happen with someone else. I did admit it to him and bless him, he forgave me. I will be ever grateful to him for that but now you know I don’t have much time to wait.

My parents want to fix my marriage in a year’s or two’s time. I cant deny them but at the same time I cant be somebody else’s wife. The only person with whom I want to get married to is he else I am ready to come to you. For the past 7 years, I have loved him and just him. We will be together or not is upto Baba.

I am trying to reconnect to you. Please give me the strength to endure whatever is decided by him or my father. I wont question you about it but will only pray to give me more strength. And I am glad that I love a person with such depth.

I don’t know what I am trying to ask you here but if you just reply soon, I will really appreciate it. And whatever else, I have to say, I will talk to you. Please god, give me a quick reply. I just hope its not too late. And please let me know if he has moved on and he Is truly happy with someone else. I will go away from his life.

Thankyou God. Please take care of my family and tell me a way where I can try to heal people with your light.

Answer from God through Carley:

"I hear your every word and I understand your every emotion.  When you decide to resist all but what you want, you don't allow anything different to come to you.  You get to choose everything you do, say and feel and yet you can only control your free will.  When you accept this fact, so much more is able to come to you.  A wall against change only holds you exactly where you are.  Allowing change allows you to move forward.    I love you beyond measure.   I always have and I always will."

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Anonymous said...


Why do I feel like I was chosen by you for something? Why did I see Josephine in my dream when nobody else did? I wish I could learn to believe in you more, but I am lost. I don't know how.

I love you,

Answer from God through Carley:

"What you feel is true.  Trust your very first feeling before your mind gets involved and makes you question yourself.  You saw her because you were open to seeing her, and because you asked me to see her.  You will believe in me as much as you choose to.  I truly enjoy our conversations.  Remember that you needn't go anywhere special to talk with me unless you want to.  I can be summoned and conversed with in your thoughts anywhere you are.  I also answer every single prayer, but I can only do my part in making your dreams come true.  The other part is up to you."

Friday, August 6, 2010

Anonymous said...


Answer from God through Carley:

"Actually the opposite is true.  My presence lives inside each being, yet I do not have human form. Whether or not my presence is felt, recognized and understood is a matter of the individual use of free will.  Your suppositions of the ark of the Covenant are correct."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Anonymous said...

Dear God-

I find myself quite perplexed over the last several years. While I've tried to maintain a connection to you and feel this has strengthened over time, I still feel at a loss on how to make the "correct" decision for myself in any matter of my life (love, work, travel, religion). I feel constantly torn between what I want and what I feel I should do. Most often I ask for your guidance and wait for a sign and listen to what I feel inside to help me make a decision. Then, something external will happen and I will take it as the "sign" I'd been waiting for, feel good about my decision and then inevitably matters take a drastic turn along with my instincts, and all seems to point me in the opposite direction. It's at this point that I'm completely at a loss on what to do next and find myself filled with self-doubt not to mention feeling like an idiot and a flake. My question is...why does this happen repeatedly with me? Am I being too impulsive in my decision-making or are there unseen circumstances that are occurring and forcing me to adjust and change my direction on a regular basis? It's really getting to me and I am beginning to feel more insecure and doubtful of myself to move in any direction when faced with a decision. Please give me some insight. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate everything.
Answer from God through Carley:

"Whenever you need help in making a decision of any size, search your heart as that is where you and I meet.  What you really want can always be had as long as you hurt no one in the process.  What you should want is not what you do want. Try to quiet your mind in your decision-making process and just feel.  When you follow what your heart tells you to do, you'll never regret the decision, no matter what the outcome is, as there will always be at least a little magic found along the way."