Thursday, September 30, 2010

Anonymous said...

I would like to take dis great opportunity to say thank u God and that I love u so much. Thank u 4 making such a great difference in my life. I'm luking 4ward to spending the rest of my life with you cause I knw dat more great things r to come.Thank u once more 4 yo wonderful, noble Son,Jesus Christ and yo sweet, wonderfully great Holy Spirit.

I just want to know,I've been praying about finding the right partner 4 me. But nothing has happened. I knw I need to be patient but I don't knw if I'm doing sumthing wrong. Pls let me know what to do. Sometimes I feel lyk quiting cause I feel as if u r ignoring me. (even though I knw u r not).

Thanx, much Luv.....

Answer from God through Carley:

"You are right; I do not ignore anyone.  I hear your every prayer and every thought directed to me.  I need you to do something before I can help you.  Would you please make a list of all qualities your perfect partner will possess?  In your list include what they care about, what qualities they possess, what is important to them and how you feel with you're together.  Be as specific as possible.  When your list is complete, please give it to me.  Then all you need to do is to work toward becoming the perfect partner for your perfect partner.  Your list will help you know which areas need work.  When you're ready find something to do that you're passionate about with other people who share the same passion, and please pay attention to little things that come your way.  Coincidence is one way that I communicate with you."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jack said...

God...hi...I'm curious..I think I've pushed myself very hard in a lot of education/ realtionships/ career for many years...but I feel I haven't recieved the appropriate feedback/ rewards for my effort. Do you agree...I'm stressed about this and have been for a long time (as u know). Am i doing something wrong? And if so...what is it specifically? because I still can't figure it out. Others are moving ahead (it seems) while I'm not. Thankyou for your assistance.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Do you push yourself in order to get appropriate feedback?  When you work hard to achieve your dreams, recognition from others becomes far less important.  Be sure the dreams you're trying to fulfill are yours and then keep going.  The result will be a life well lived, filled with peace and joy.  I couldn't want  anything more for you."
Anonymous said...

Are Aliens (like on TV/ area 51) real? Are they out there? Are they coming to Earth...or are they here allready? Very interested. Thankyou.

Answer from God through Carley:

"There are many life forms in the Universe!  Earth hosts a small portion of them."
Anonymous said...

God...hi. I would just briefly like to ask if you could clear all/ any negativity from myself (body/ spirit etc). Restore all areas of my body and mind to clear optimum levels, and provide me with positive friends and clear work and spiritual pathways. Oh yes...and a soulmate (amazing etc. you get it) or if that's not coming..just more casual (#cough)uh...memorable, loving encounters...if you uh..get my drift (sorry God...I know that sounds a little bad) But I'm a human guy with needs, I hope you understand. In return what can I do for you? Thankyou..your loving child...Oh more thing...more cash would be great - LOL...sorry again God...but if I don't ask I probably won't get, huh? ### I just had a break a re-read I being pathetic (LOL)..

Answer from God through Carley:

"What can you do for me?  Thank you.  You could decide to act fearlessly and openly display the love you have for those you truly care about.  Being fearless doesn't mean to have no fear, but rather to have fear and to act anyway. 

When you ask for my help in anything based in love, you have it.  I am only half of what you need to make your dreams come true.  You are the other half.  If you want a soul mate, earn her.  Your perfect partner will never come to you while you are unavailable.  If you would like to make more money, choose what you'd like to do and then do what's necessary to get the work you've chosen.  You hold within you the key to everything you want in your life.  Your action is required."
Curious/ Hope (ing) said...

Dear are you. My question is...(and I'm sure many people would like to know the answer to this)..."Is the 'Shroud of Turin bearing Jesus' image real (i.e did Jesus as we know him lie/ wrapped amongst this cloth) and is that his imprint on the shroud? A YES/ NO answer would be ideal. If you can avoid cryptic messages that would be appreciated. Thankyou

Answer from God through Carley:


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anonymous said...

As You have shown me in Psalm 3, my enemies are rising against me but knowing You are my shield and guide my path I have stayed calm. I now have the opportunity to get a great job, get involved in a prayer ministry, and move away &/or minimize toxic people around me. I feel that this is the path You are leading me on and would like confirmation from You.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Confirmation of anything lies within you.  Search your heart for truth.  Try to think less and to feel more.  The best way to treat others that you perceive to be your enemies, is to love them."
Anonymous said...

I have so many questions. For one, are angels all around us, or do angels just come and go from Heaven to Earth? Does every person have a Guardian Angel? Do I have a Guardian Angel? Can I see angels? Why am I alive, and is my life a test of some type? What is the purpose of my life? Why is there evil in the world? If everyone got together and tried to change the world for the better, would the world change? Do I have to repent for every mistake I make? Can I pray as much as I want? Can I alone heal the world? Can I be an angel? Who was I in my past life, because I'd really like to know? Is there a way that the smog and pollution can be taken away from here, in Los Angeles? Because I'd love to look up at the sky and see bright stars everywhere. Am I a selfish person for complaining and feeling bad about my life when there are people that go through so much worse? Is there something I can do in my life to make things better and stop my heart from breaking all the time? Will you know who I am if I don't put my name or initials? Are you mad at me Heavenly father? I hope not. :/ Am I too sensitive? I have so much questions, but I guess I will stop here so as to not bother anyone.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Your every question can be addressed and answered directly with me.  I love you; you never bother me. This website however is here for the purpose of offering each person a single question.  I'll answer one of your questions here that I feel will speak to the most people; "If everyone got together and tried to change the world for the better, would the world change?"  Yes.  Most definitely the world will change for the better if even a few got together and tried to change it.  When you organize like-minded people, please ask me for help.  I like nothing more than to help a great cause, led with love."

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bel ☆* said...

I hate my Job, I want to quit but i need the money to move out, i miss my family, Im talking to you but you dont seem to listen... I need you!

Answer from God through Carley:

"I do listen, but I only hear what you don't want, and what you don't like.  Choose what you do want and then ask me for help in getting it.  Asking alone is not enough to get what you want in this life. You must also begin taking necessary steps in the process of achieving your goals."
tonzihi said...

Dear 'God',

i am a male of 35 years old,a physician by profession,a follower of sanatan dharma.i am suffering from famillial problems for last 6 years when i married a woman on my parents choice. At first it was gone right until two of my babies aborted spontaneously. After the incidents i treated my wife with full effort. At one stage i found she is taking help of black magic or other rituals secretly and i found she is habituated to tell lots of lies in almost all matters and try to seduce me about her past lover whom she still respects highly and never give me his identity.she used to show romantic manners on special days of month when it is more probable that she can become pregnant. With her parents involved,they supported her practise of black magic after caught red handed to me.she also shown hysteric behaviour and simulated suicidal atten at one stage i decided to leave her under the circumstances and and made a new family.i came across a probable woman of different religious identity whom i know from past and previously rejected on religious mismatch ground..but this time i became mentally prepared to marry her. But my wife become pregnant again and gave birth to a child.After she become pregnant ,one might i dreamt that she tried to have a child by mating with someone else. I am now become hopeless as in this situation a 'liar' become established in my family though i am very much inclined to the other one and want to start a new life with her. I am now in very much trouble. Whether i should live with a wife whom i do not believe or make a new life by breaking the present bondage?please help me.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Who do you honor?  How is that honor displayed outwardly for others to see?  How different do you think your life would be, had your children survived?

You choose each action, whether you choose deliberately or whether you allow others to choose for you.  Where does your heart lie?  Which next steps honor you?"