Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anonymous said...

God...hi. I would just briefly like to ask if you could clear all/ any negativity from myself (body/ spirit etc). Restore all areas of my body and mind to clear optimum levels, and provide me with positive friends and clear work and spiritual pathways. Oh yes...and a soulmate (amazing etc. you get it) or if that's not coming..just more casual (#cough)uh...memorable, loving encounters...if you uh..get my drift (sorry God...I know that sounds a little bad) But I'm a human guy with needs, I hope you understand. In return what can I do for you? Thankyou..your loving child...Oh more thing...more cash would be great - LOL...sorry again God...but if I don't ask I probably won't get, huh? ### I just had a break a re-read I being pathetic (LOL)..

Answer from God through Carley:

"What can you do for me?  Thank you.  You could decide to act fearlessly and openly display the love you have for those you truly care about.  Being fearless doesn't mean to have no fear, but rather to have fear and to act anyway. 

When you ask for my help in anything based in love, you have it.  I am only half of what you need to make your dreams come true.  You are the other half.  If you want a soul mate, earn her.  Your perfect partner will never come to you while you are unavailable.  If you would like to make more money, choose what you'd like to do and then do what's necessary to get the work you've chosen.  You hold within you the key to everything you want in your life.  Your action is required."

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