Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anonymous said...

I have so many questions. For one, are angels all around us, or do angels just come and go from Heaven to Earth? Does every person have a Guardian Angel? Do I have a Guardian Angel? Can I see angels? Why am I alive, and is my life a test of some type? What is the purpose of my life? Why is there evil in the world? If everyone got together and tried to change the world for the better, would the world change? Do I have to repent for every mistake I make? Can I pray as much as I want? Can I alone heal the world? Can I be an angel? Who was I in my past life, because I'd really like to know? Is there a way that the smog and pollution can be taken away from here, in Los Angeles? Because I'd love to look up at the sky and see bright stars everywhere. Am I a selfish person for complaining and feeling bad about my life when there are people that go through so much worse? Is there something I can do in my life to make things better and stop my heart from breaking all the time? Will you know who I am if I don't put my name or initials? Are you mad at me Heavenly father? I hope not. :/ Am I too sensitive? I have so much questions, but I guess I will stop here so as to not bother anyone.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Your every question can be addressed and answered directly with me.  I love you; you never bother me. This website however is here for the purpose of offering each person a single question.  I'll answer one of your questions here that I feel will speak to the most people; "If everyone got together and tried to change the world for the better, would the world change?"  Yes.  Most definitely the world will change for the better if even a few got together and tried to change it.  When you organize like-minded people, please ask me for help.  I like nothing more than to help a great cause, led with love."

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