Sunday, September 5, 2010

tonzihi said...

Dear 'God',

i am a male of 35 years old,a physician by profession,a follower of sanatan dharma.i am suffering from famillial problems for last 6 years when i married a woman on my parents choice. At first it was gone right until two of my babies aborted spontaneously. After the incidents i treated my wife with full effort. At one stage i found she is taking help of black magic or other rituals secretly and i found she is habituated to tell lots of lies in almost all matters and try to seduce me about her past lover whom she still respects highly and never give me his identity.she used to show romantic manners on special days of month when it is more probable that she can become pregnant. With her parents involved,they supported her practise of black magic after caught red handed to me.she also shown hysteric behaviour and simulated suicidal atten at one stage i decided to leave her under the circumstances and and made a new family.i came across a probable woman of different religious identity whom i know from past and previously rejected on religious mismatch ground..but this time i became mentally prepared to marry her. But my wife become pregnant again and gave birth to a child.After she become pregnant ,one might i dreamt that she tried to have a child by mating with someone else. I am now become hopeless as in this situation a 'liar' become established in my family though i am very much inclined to the other one and want to start a new life with her. I am now in very much trouble. Whether i should live with a wife whom i do not believe or make a new life by breaking the present bondage?please help me.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Who do you honor?  How is that honor displayed outwardly for others to see?  How different do you think your life would be, had your children survived?

You choose each action, whether you choose deliberately or whether you allow others to choose for you.  Where does your heart lie?  Which next steps honor you?"

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