Saturday, October 30, 2010

Anonymous914 said...

I am seeking some guidance and direction. I am in desperate financial need NOW, I left a job to take on a new and exciting assignment and unfortunately, I do not even have to money to move. Now, I know I've made some terrible mistakes, but here I am trying to better my life and leave the past behind and seemingly cannot do so. What to do???

Answer from God through Carley:

"I did not intend that people would accomplish big things individually.  My design requires teamwork, collaboration and sharing.  Have you told your story to others?  Have you asked for help?  The next time you feel desperate - or before you do, tell your story and ask for help.  Allow others to surprise you."
Anonymous said...

Say God, ...I guess you know me since i've been spending my time with you everyday. I am grateful for your love and support for all of us and you say that you will help us. But you know God , despite that... I feel helpless. Because throughout my life, i realized i'm the only one who can make my life better. You say you help right? No disrespect but... by "help", what kind of help do you do exactly? Nowadays I feel alone, as if I have no one to turn to at all. So how exactly do you help?

Answer from God through Carley:

"It is true that you can ask me for anything from love, or money, or even fame but I can only do my part; you must also do your part.  For instance, I won't bring the job you seek to you.  I won't bring your perfect partner to you.  If you ask me for help in anything you want that is based in love, you will have my help but you must also take action.  Begin interviewing for that job or go out and meet like-minded people who might become your friends, follow your true passions with others who share you passion when seeking a romantic relationship.

I understand how you feel; that it might be difficult to see my fingerprints in your life, but if you give us a chance - you and me - we can do anything together.  You can always count on me to help you."

Friday, October 29, 2010

Anonymous said...

Which philosopy has the more correct view of God, Theism or Deism?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Of the two, the philosophy that best describes me would be Theism, but more specifically Monotheism.  I am the creator of all, yet I am called by many different names.  I do not care by which name I am called, however I do care very much about each being and about an intimate relationship with each, should they choose one."

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anonymous said...

Will my marriage to ex-husband M. and I be restored and our family brought back together?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Restored and brought back together - can occur in several different ways.  Will you re-marry?  No, not in that sense but you can certainly decide to be friendly toward each other and through your display of human kindness, your family can certainly be brought back together.

Change is not something bad.  Change is only different.  Different can be wonderful or it can be horrible and what determines the outcome of change is the way you choose to accept it.  Please try to see things differently and in doing so, find a way to bring your family back together in a new way."

Monday, October 25, 2010

Anonymous said...

God, Do I continue to date this man I have been seeing for 5 years or do I make it officially "just friends"? I have asked you this a thousand times over, and do not know the answer. Pastor said our marriage compatibility test scored VERY low, and he drives me crazy with his control/dominance at times. What do I do? Stay or go?

Answer from God through Carley:

"You have been hearing the answer, but you choose not to listen to it.  In the end, the answer is your answer.  Never stay in a relationship because you fear it might be the only one you'll have.  The right relationship can never find you when you are in the wrong one."

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Giba said...

God... I never believed you and never been so sad than I am now. I think we are the the closest sign of your existence, but where's some sign sign that you care about us?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I will not prove to you that I exist.  I will not even ask you to believe that I love you, but I do.  While you do not see it presently, everything you do, everything you have, everything you think and everyone you spend time with - even family - is your choice.

There are people around you that choose to see things in a positive light.  They know that when they see things through a filter of love, the quality of their life is better.  They understand that what they choose to display outwardly to the world, comes back to them.  They know that when bad things happen, not to take it or anything personally, but rather that they only need to figure out a different way.  Most people with a positive outlook are grateful for what they have and give thanks somehow, regularly.  Because they see things through a filter of love, you'll find that people with a positive attitude often do things for others without any need or want for recognition and these acts of kindness give them joy.  I am the source of joy.  A sign that I care about you can be felt in every moment of true joy.  Whether you feel it or not, is your choice."

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tomas S. F. said...


There are a couple of instances in my past where I'm not sure what exactly happened. I don't remember them too well. Please, let me know what to do.


Answer from God through Carley:

"When things could have gone horribly but didn't?  Every being has angels.  Angels are often called Guardian Angels because one of their many functions is to protect you and to help you.  Angels communicate directly with you on your soul's level and they know the details of your agreement with me for this lifetime.  They are allowed to help you in anything that is based in love.  Even when you don't ask for their help, they are able to help keep you from harm as long as they do not interfere with our agreement. You are also able to choose to consciously communicate with your angels."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anonymous said...

A lot of my friends are lesbians, and I have been thinking of them a lot. When they die, if they believe in you yet are still gay are they still accepted by you? I am a firm christian and I don't think that you wouldn't accept them. But it's hard to support them. I know it's a sin, but aren't all sins equal to another? I'm just not sure what to think. I don't want to think about my close friends not being with me in heaven..

Answer from God through Carley:

"I know how you struggle between what you feel about me and what you've been told about me by others.  I desire a relationship with each of my creations so that knowing me is personal and first-hand.  What you feel about me is accurate.  I do not exclude."

Monday, October 18, 2010

Anonymous said...

My Question is a very big why ? I feel so deeply. My heart and soul feel broken and torn everyday. The darkness and hate that fills this world and the hearts of the people on it just cuts like a knife. There is no relief of the pain. Humans will never change and they will never stop hurting one another. I am a sensitive soul that weeps from all the madness here on earth. I just want it to stop. I want the pain to go away. The cherry on top of the cake is my own familes current heartships. The way things are here on Earth makes people like me suicidal. Why everything and How can you forsake me like this? If you know me so well ?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Thank you for this question.  I am sorry for your pain, and I do understand it.  Some feel much more deeply than others, but please know that you are not alone.  Many feel as deeply as you do.  Many take on the pain of others and you are not the only one who doesn't understand it.  The next time you feel overwhelmed with sadness take a moment, close your eyes and ask yourself if the pain you feel is yours.  If it is not your sadness, ask me for help until you become proficient at releasing it.  I will be happy to send you teachers when you are ready to make changes.  After you learn to control it you might understand that it is a gift to know what others are feeling.  Until then, focus on what good you have.  Focus on what will bring you joy.  Focus is a choice.  Your choices have the ability to give you the peace you seek."

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Faithful Servant said...

First, I want to give You thanks and praise for giving me "a way out" of two marriages in which I was unequally yoked. I know that I am whole and complete in Your love and protection,and that You will continue to give me a peace in the Spirit unlike anyone on Earth can provide.

God, here is my question: Is there such a thing as a "soul mate", and if there is, how will I know he is sent from You??

Answer from God through Carley:

"Yes, there is such a thing as a soul-mate.  Each of you have multiple potential soul-mates for the different phases of your lives.  You are the ones who decide if a potential soul-mate is right for you.  A good way to get a sense if the person is right for you is to search your heart for how you feel with this person.  Don't think so much because thoughts are filled with all kinds of things that really don't matter when compared to how you feel.  If you are not yet the perfect partner for your perfect partner, ask for help and start making changes.  Find things that give you true joy and follow them with others who share your passion.   When looking for a sign from me, pay attention to the little things that seem like coincidences."

Monday, October 11, 2010

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

I ask with the help of my angels to add light in my life and to those around me. Please help sort out everything and put things right again. thank you.

Answer from God through Carley:

"You have everything you need to add light to your life, and you always have as everyone has.  Remember is that you have no control over the free will of others.  Choose to just be light if you do, and choose to be grateful for the blessings in your life.  Do at least a single thing for someone else each day without any want or need for recognition for doing so, and pay attention to how bright light is that you attract.  Keeping light with you is really that simple to do.

I can help you sort things out, but I ask you to hold a good outcome in your heart and allow the outcome to be different than the one you imagine.  Change is inevitable, but while less comfortable, change can be the door that allows for all kinds of growth in many directions.  I'm right beside you every time you seek me."
Anonymous said...

Dear heavenly father,

I really need an answer soon. I know I may be impatient, but I cannot stand my life anymore. Why is it that I can never be happy? Am I a bad person? No one loves me or cares for me and I'm always all alone and lonely. I don't believe I can take the despair, sorrow, and heartbreak any longer. Please help me. Because I really need you in my life. Have you forsaken me?

Answer from God through Carley:

"No, I have not forsaken you.  Why do you think you cannot be happy?  Whose life do you compare yours to, and why?

A good way to change your life from unhappy to happy is to literally count your blessings.  Make a habit of thinking of the things in your life that you are happy about and as little things come up in your day that make you happy, write them down.  Say a silent thank you for what you have.  As you discover what it is in life that gives you more joy, dedicate time in your schedule for that source of joy.

If you feel that no one cares for you and that you're always alone, learn what it is to be a friend.  When you offer friendship, you are a friend and what you present to others finds a way of finding you.

If things in your life aren't working out as you'd like them to, take a good look at you and how you're doing things.  Find examples of the people you believe have the qualities of what you'd like in your own life and learn from them.  Study them, and make changes.  I'm always right here to help you."

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Charneka said...

Dear God

I have been struggling with my faith. I have been searching for you but I don't know if you heard me or not. I think I talk to you more than most of my friends. And I love talking to you, when I do I feel happy and at peace, but that's the only time.

Everytime I think my soul is saved and I am walking with you, new doubts show up and the fear sets in. Its like something is trying to turn me away from you. Is it me or someone else. How do I stop the feelings, the thoughts, the fear.

You are the only one how really knows my heart, not even I do. Please tell me what it's saying, is my faith strong enough. Sometimes I just want to give up but I don't want to lose you or your love. Please help me. Am I on the right track, am I walking with you.

Answer from God through Carley:

"I hear every word directed to me, and I love our talks too.  When you feel that peace and happiness that you feel when you talk to me, that is my way of telling you without question, that I am with you and that you are with me.  You don't have to ever lose that feeling because I am as close to you as your heartbeat all the time.

You were created with a saved soul.  No matter what you've been told, you can never be separated from me unless that is what you choose.  Should you ever choose to be separated from me, you can always change your mind and I will be with you again. There is nothing you can do that will lose me or my love.  You are a beloved child of mine and loved beyond all means of measure."

Friday, October 8, 2010

Rachel LCJ said...

Dear God,

You know I have searched for you for many years and finally found my home within you. You know that I have prayed for many years that you would send me a partner, and then you did in the most serendipitious way, which I knew without a doubt that you were in control. Everyone told me that when I met the one I would know, but not only that, he would be greater than anything I ever could imagine. You know every detail of my being, all my thoughts and all the desires of my heart. I felt so blessed, and not only that, this person brought me even closer to you. The coincidences from our pasts, the similarities of our hopes and dreams are astonishing. Yet, only shortly lived.

One day while I was praying to you in and weeping with hurt, as I could not understand why you would change this person's heart so suddenly, I felt you speak to my heart and I felt the electric, warm comforting presence of you and you said "it is my Will for you two to be together, but it will be in my time". As you know, we have remained friends, but months upon months have passed and nothing has changed, infact I feel our friendship is even dwindling now. I ask you over and over again, is he the one, and you say yes, but perhaps I am willing these words into my mind. God, please help me to discern the truth. Please speak to me, as unrequited love is unbearable, and I am getting older, and my time is running out to have a family. I don't understand why you keep me single, but I know there must be a reason. What do you want from me? Should I walk away, what should I do. Please make your message loud and clear to me God. Thank you. I love you God. Amen.

Answer from God through Carley:

"My will is always your will.  My plan for each being is for you to do what brings you true joy.  My gift is free will and I will not interfere with it.  He could be the one for you, however he has to want it too.  I am not the one responsible for changing anyone's heart. I will tell you that there is more than one possibility for you.  There is more than one possibility for everyone.  I also do not keep you single.  I do know you as well as you say I do, and yet you ask for only one thing.  If you ask for love I will provide it for you, but you must then seek it.  If you continue to wait for him, or if you walk away it is your choice to make.  I want very much to help you but you must also want to help yourself."

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Joël EB said...

I am jobless since two year, now that my landlord asked me to leave, will I get a job soon to be able to rent a new room?

I had interview recently, will one of then succeed to a job contract?

Answer from God through Carley:

"In difficult and changing times, try to look at your circumstances from a different perspective.  The way you made a living in the past might not work the same way the future.  When you ask for my help, you have it.  How will you look at your present circumstances differently?  How will you reevaluate your situation?  Keep moving, talking, listening and pay close attention to coincidences.  I'm right here any time you need me."

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Charneka E said...

Hi God

I have had a lot going on in my life, most days it doesn't seem worth living. Most days i find myself asking "will God forgive me if i kill myself" but the thought of taking a chance with my soul scares me. I have gone back to church and started reading the Bible more to try to get to know you better, to be able to walk with you. I guess what I would like to know is do I have you with me? A lot of people talk about being "born again" of the holy spirit. Lord I have prayed that you would bless me with the holy spirit so many times but how do I know if you have, how do I know that you have blessed me and are walking with me right now? I want to be with you so much, to live for you. Please help me.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Yes, I am with you.  I listen to everything you tell me and I answer your every prayer, even when you don't recognize the answer, I live up to my end of our deal.

You were born blessed with my spirit.  In every breath you take you are blessed.  The only way you can separate from me is if you choose to be separate, and for me there are no final endings.  You can make decisions that you regret, but there is nothing you can do that will turn me away from you.  I want to share in your every second.  There is no problem or joy too big or too small for me.

Whether you live or end your life, it is always your choice and regardless of what you've been taught, your soul is always safe with me.  We have an agreement in place that can be completed in another life if that is your choice.  Our agreement was established for your eventual total understanding and you have many things left in your agreement to accomplish.  Now that you are assured that I am always with you when you want me to be, what choices will you make differently?

Every time you seek me I am with you, as constant as your own heartbeat."

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Anonymous said...

I miss my Dad.

Answer from God through Carley:

"I know you do.  I understand your every feeling and your every sense of loss. I have been there when you have called out to me and I have cradled you in my arms as you cried.

You do not remember this, but before you were born into this life you and I had a meeting.  In our meeting we discussed the things you had already learned and the things you had yet to learn.  In this life you chose many things to experience, all with the goal of your eventual total understanding.  Among the things you agreed to experience in this life was to lose your dad.  Your dad and your family and each of your friends, your teachers and truly everyone who knows you, agreed to their role in helping you understand this aspect of life.  How will you use this experience?  You are the only one who will decide how the loss of your dad will affect your life.  Please remember that I am always here for you.  You never need to seek me.  I am with you always."