Monday, October 11, 2010

Anonymous said...

Dear heavenly father,

I really need an answer soon. I know I may be impatient, but I cannot stand my life anymore. Why is it that I can never be happy? Am I a bad person? No one loves me or cares for me and I'm always all alone and lonely. I don't believe I can take the despair, sorrow, and heartbreak any longer. Please help me. Because I really need you in my life. Have you forsaken me?

Answer from God through Carley:

"No, I have not forsaken you.  Why do you think you cannot be happy?  Whose life do you compare yours to, and why?

A good way to change your life from unhappy to happy is to literally count your blessings.  Make a habit of thinking of the things in your life that you are happy about and as little things come up in your day that make you happy, write them down.  Say a silent thank you for what you have.  As you discover what it is in life that gives you more joy, dedicate time in your schedule for that source of joy.

If you feel that no one cares for you and that you're always alone, learn what it is to be a friend.  When you offer friendship, you are a friend and what you present to others finds a way of finding you.

If things in your life aren't working out as you'd like them to, take a good look at you and how you're doing things.  Find examples of the people you believe have the qualities of what you'd like in your own life and learn from them.  Study them, and make changes.  I'm always right here to help you."

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