Saturday, October 30, 2010

Anonymous said...

Say God, ...I guess you know me since i've been spending my time with you everyday. I am grateful for your love and support for all of us and you say that you will help us. But you know God , despite that... I feel helpless. Because throughout my life, i realized i'm the only one who can make my life better. You say you help right? No disrespect but... by "help", what kind of help do you do exactly? Nowadays I feel alone, as if I have no one to turn to at all. So how exactly do you help?

Answer from God through Carley:

"It is true that you can ask me for anything from love, or money, or even fame but I can only do my part; you must also do your part.  For instance, I won't bring the job you seek to you.  I won't bring your perfect partner to you.  If you ask me for help in anything you want that is based in love, you will have my help but you must also take action.  Begin interviewing for that job or go out and meet like-minded people who might become your friends, follow your true passions with others who share you passion when seeking a romantic relationship.

I understand how you feel; that it might be difficult to see my fingerprints in your life, but if you give us a chance - you and me - we can do anything together.  You can always count on me to help you."

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