Sunday, October 24, 2010

Giba said...

God... I never believed you and never been so sad than I am now. I think we are the the closest sign of your existence, but where's some sign sign that you care about us?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I will not prove to you that I exist.  I will not even ask you to believe that I love you, but I do.  While you do not see it presently, everything you do, everything you have, everything you think and everyone you spend time with - even family - is your choice.

There are people around you that choose to see things in a positive light.  They know that when they see things through a filter of love, the quality of their life is better.  They understand that what they choose to display outwardly to the world, comes back to them.  They know that when bad things happen, not to take it or anything personally, but rather that they only need to figure out a different way.  Most people with a positive outlook are grateful for what they have and give thanks somehow, regularly.  Because they see things through a filter of love, you'll find that people with a positive attitude often do things for others without any need or want for recognition and these acts of kindness give them joy.  I am the source of joy.  A sign that I care about you can be felt in every moment of true joy.  Whether you feel it or not, is your choice."

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